Welcome to Narvana's Art Gallarie!


Note that if you're interested in any of this art for your home, photocopied black and white signed copies are available for $5 apience!

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this 1 i deadikate 2 all of the starving cheeldrin!


heer is me new newst! curetesy of stephen for re-min ding me!!! i guve u "cunsoast"!!!



more uplifffftinb ary1... this 1 is 2 commermerate my solushun for world hunger!


HEHEHE SICJ1 and friends!


Here is 1 i did to commemmmorate the reconsillyation bereween capum and birdseye!:


Here's my nuest!;:


This first peice is sort of rare, and hyasn't been seen by many. I giv eyou "pyros":


THis peice was done right ater I went to the $50,000 tourneament in Los Vegas, it's a keeper!


This nex peice is more historical than anything else. It shouws the descent relationships of family rtrees


This peice was from when I tried to pull a slider (I hstill think he should have the rank of "DBB Abortion", hehe!") and feign my own deth


this was one of my more abstract peices, its' small and suimple, yet to the point.. definitelsy a crowd pleaser, one tha should hang in every living rume


thsi final peice is a sighkick aspiration of what hiouston might be like. Its the only peice I used color for, and as one commentator said "So, Mr. Galica, what prompted your use of color in this piece. Your earlier works seemed to come across with a rougher edge because of the lack of color." Ipointed out that certain colors were needed for the picture to "shine", and that I was living dangerously, neway here it is