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My wife, Shelia, and I went on a photo safari to Kenya and Tanzania during August of 1999. Here are some of our images. I'll continue to post more and add information about our trip over time. So, please come back often to see the latest. Most images were captured with a Canon FD400mm f/2.8L.


Masai Mara
Elephant1 Elephant2


We hunted for a cheetah for days, until we found this female during our last morning. She posed for us for almost an hour until she got up and headed into the tall grass.



Lake Manayra


This is the smallest antelope, known as the dik-dik.






The leopard is very elusive. I was able to get an image of this guy by adding a 1.4X teleextender to my 400mm lens. He disappeared after a few minutes and before we could get closer.

Ngorongoro Crater
Black Rhino


These ostriches are doing their courting dance.



We saw lots of lions in four different prides while in the Serengeti.





Lions2 Lions3

This cheetah crossed the road right in front of us.
Cheetah 1 Cheetah 2


This is the lilac-breasted roller. He is one of the most-photographed birds in Africa.

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