This ingenious product is ideal for sewing together sweaters, Afghans strips, or other items easily. With the sew easy you can get an invisible seam and it is especially good for matching stripes and other designs or textured pattern stitches. You peg the two edges to be sewn together on the sew easy and line up the pattern stitch for stitch. You can then easily sew the edges together with the tapestry needle supplied to get a truly invisible seam. Included with the sew easy are four specially designed Zip Clips, two special sewing needles, needle threader and pegs.

WOOL WINDER: Speed up your knitting even more! Wind a skein or ball of yarn before you start making your project. The yarn comes out loosely from the center so you can really knit fast without getting tight rows or stopping to pull more yarn out. Also ideal for rewinding old yarn you might want to use again.