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Vintage analog synthesizer keyboard rebuild kits

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Attention Moog, Arp, Oberheim, and Sequential Circuits owners!

Have you noticed that the keys on your classic synth have become noisy, loose, and generally sloppy? If so, you are not alone. Age has deteriorated the critical rubber bushings which are the "heart & soul" of the Pratt-Read key mechanism, the action used in many of the great synths of the past, including the Prophet-5, OB-Xa, PPG, most ARPs, and the MiniMoog. This degradation occurs over time, as many of these instruments are now 15-30 years old. Because of the gradual nature of this effect, we have forgotten how silky smooth these keyboard mechanisms felt when they were new. The good news is that there is a solution available now.

You can restore the action of your favorite vintage synth to "As New" using our Pratt-Read rebuild kits, and a couple of hours of your time. Once installed, you will experience, perhaps for the first time, what this quality mechanism is capable of. The P-R rebuild kit is available in a variety of sizes and contains BRAND NEW lubricated bushings, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Replacing your keyboard's bushings is a simple repair for the DIYer, and will greatly enhance the playing enjoyment of your instrument, not to mention the resale value.

Note- These bushings are manufactured from the original Pratt-Read molds and rubber compound, to the original specifications, and will work without modification in your vintage synth. These are not reproductions made in the Far East, but are Made in USA.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR MINIMOOGS-  Newly manufactured standoffs to replace the original rubber standoffs, which are now all very brittle,  and often break when attempting to remove the pc board which supports the key spring contacts.  Facilitate the removal of the pc board to replace key contact springs keyboard.  New standoffs, $5.00 each, new gold spring contacts, $7.50 each.  Note: use "" to make PayPal payments which do not correspond to hot buttons below.

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Find out just how enjoyable your classic synth will be to play with one our kits and a couple hours of your time: Customer Testimonials...

61-note kit......Prophet-5/10, OBERHEIM OB-X/OB-Xa, ARP
2500, PPG 2.2/2.3, Polymoog {71-note}, (email w/ model if not sure)........... $54.00 {$60.00}

37-note kit......SC PRO-1, ARP Odyssey/Axxe, OCTAVE Cat, EML100/101,
Minimoog {44-note}, ARP2600, OB 4-Voice {{49-note}}............ $40.00 {$44.00}{{$46.00}}

Bushings are pre-lubricated with the proper silicon-based grease, unless requested otherwise

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"Buy Now" PayPal purchase buttons are based on US domestic shipping rates.  If outside the USA, please calculate the exact amount by adding kit price & international shipping ($10.00 s&h for order up to $150, $35.00 registered mail s&h for high value orders above $150), and pointing your web browser to: to make your payment (send PayPal funds to:


SC PRO-1, ARP Odyssey/Axxe, OCTAVE Cat, EML100/101 {37-note}.$40.00, plus 6.00 s/h


Minimoog {44-note}$44.00, plus 6.00 s/h

Arp 2600 & Omni/Oberheim 4VC {49-note}.$46.00, plus 6.00 s/h


Prophet-5/10, OBERHEIM OB-X/OB-Xa, ARP 2500, PPG 2.2/2.3 (61-note)........... $54.00, plus 6.00 s/h

Moog Polymoog {71-note}.$60.00, plus 6.00 s/h

Replacement J-Wires and Minimoog Spring Contacts Now Available...

While installing your rebuild kit, it is a great opportunity to replace your broken, bent, corroded contactors with brand new gold-plated contactors. Minimoogs use the spring-type contactor, all other P-R keyboards (see "synths that can be restored") use J-wires. It is also a good to have spare J-wires, as these do break with time and usage............................... $7.50 apiece

-PayPal preferred; (personal checks, postal money orders and cashier's checks accepted, request mailing address. Sorry, no COD's)
-Please include $6.00 S&H for US orders ($10.00 S&H for shipment to addresses outside the USA)
-List the model synth for the kit being ordered
-Virginia residents MUST include sales tax
-Outside USA: Please pay with Traveler's Check, PayPal, (Postal) Money Order, payable in US $, and include $10.00 S&H for international postage.

You can reach us by e-mail at:

Dealers/Shops/Techs: Volume discounts available, please inquire by email

Please note: Generally, although we carry a small supply of Pratt-Read key tops and related parts for those customers who purchase our rebuild kits, we do not have any non-Pratt-Read keyboard parts; i.e. replacement keyboards, *ANY* Japanese synth parts(Roland, Korg, etc. did not use the Pratt-Read mechanism), software, firmware or service/user documentation, so please don't ask. Sorry.

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