Customer testimonials...

"This weekend my Prophet 5 was kind of "born again".
It is astonishing what a few tiny pieces of rubber can accomplish...
The results - absolutely great! A smooth and precise action. No more sound of
metal striking hard on metal, but all nicely softened by the rubber pieces as it obviously
was intended by the designers. You have not promised too much - it is wonderful!
I think that many people simply don't know (I didn't either), how their
synthesizer's keyboard action was when the instrument was new. You only get the impression when you see the difference" -J.H., Germany

"I finally got around to putting the new bushings on my rev 1, and...oh yeah, much better! I'll be ordering some more..."-M.H., TN

"Did I ever tell you how great the keyboard feels with those new bushings? Incredible!!"-N.A., NYC

"Before this keyboard was mis-triggering and stuttering and felt very clunky. After the bushings I also cleaned up the bus bar & j wires with deoxit and pro-gold ( WOW! It was a new keyboard!!!"-J.P., CT

"I bought a few minimoog keyboard parts from a company that canniblizes old minis and they were brittle and more expensive. Yours are new and they slid right in, no problems. It hasn't felt like this since I got it in '75!"-J.O., PA

"I love the difference the install made, but I think the directions could be clearer. A diagram would be very helpful. Just a thought...."-E.B., CA

"I put the new bumpers in my Pro-Soloist - what a world of difference! I'm glad there are people like you around to keep the old antiques running. I recommend it highly to anyone who asks."-M.C., NY

"...went in like a dream, now plays like a new instrument. Fabulous, I recommend your kit to anybody. It brought my synth back to life"-T.S., PA

"I've used two of these kits to rebuild an ARP 2600 and a Sequential Pro-One - what a huge difference! They feel and respond like new - well worth the investment in time and money... and no, I don't work for them." -G.A., Newfoundland

"...I bought a set of bushings for my Arp Odyssey, and it really brought my keys back to life..."- R.B., IL

"I did the operation on the Pro-1 this past weekend and now it feels so smooth... Anyway, thanks for providing the bushings, they even make the j-wire contacts hit the buss bar more evenly and the notes therefore trigger more accurately..."- J.B., WA

"My MiniMoog was a tired, old and cantankerous beast until Archive Sound did a rebuild, tune up, calibration and installed new keyboard bushings. It now plays, sounds, and feels like new. Since then it's been featured on quite a few major label releases; everyone who's played it has been amazed at its feel and stability. The keyboard bushing replacement was the major factor in it's renewed playability. Highly recommended and a bargain as well!" - AnalogBros, PA

"I've used these kits to rebuild a Mini Moog Keyboard and also a PPG 2.3 Keyboard and they feel and play like brand new. These keyboards were #@%^ until I got your rebuild kits. Now they play as if they're fresh from the factory. What a great way to restore and bring these dinosaurs back to life!" - Mark, CA

"...the bushings are great. Playing the Minimoog after changing them it's a really good feeling. Thank you!"- Rudi L., Lintronics, Germany

"I finally got the chance to install the new bushings on my old Oberheim Four Voice last weekend. The keyboard action now plays as smooth as melted butter. No more noisy mechanical clicks or stuck keys! The old Four voice definitely feels and plays like a new instrument."- C.P., NY

"I wanted to let you know that the bushing kit worked great! Keys feel great and everything leveled out so it doesn't look like an army walked over it."- D.S., PA

"Rebuilt my OB-Xa last night using your rebuild kit and all I can say is "Awesome"!  It made all the difference in the world, transforming what was a klanky-junky feeling mechanism into a smooth playing keyboard.  I can't say enough good things about it."- C.B., Raleigh, NC

"The bushings worked great on my ARP 2600 keyboard (model 3620). I wish I had done this years ago. When Phil Cirroco at CMS completely overhauled the well-used 2600 that I had purchased in '96 from Rogue Music in NYC, the only thing that he couldn't repair was the sloppy keyboard action. He replaced all of the tolex and external hardware. He replaced the filter and did his 'audio path upgrade'. But until I replaced the old bushings with your new ones, it still wasn't perfect. Now, it's like the new synth that I had hoped to make it in '96."- M.C., CT

"I've replaced all parts for my polymoog. So, "Sounds getting much better than the past!!"  I was so surprized to know about this.  Just I've expected was for key touch, but actually not!  Sounds has changed. Especialy for the filter,  Release feeling getting much greater now!"- M.M., Japan

"The installation was slow at first but when I got the hang of it went fine.  A good pair of needle nosed pliers really helped. Now the keyboard plays 100%better!  its an amazing transformation.", J.D., VA

"The bushings are now installed.  The Moog plays beautifully.  Thanks again for the prompt delivery."- R.D., CO

"WoW!  Just like I remembered.  Smooth and solid, plays like a dream.  It  truly is a night and day difference."- J.J., NH