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Maritime Industry Weather Services


METEOROLOGICAL RESEARCH SERVICES FOR  WEATHER CASES ASHORE AND AT SEA.  Research  provides scientific opinion for incident analysis and claim resolution assistance.  Research provides expert opinion on wind, sea and navigational questions concerning voyage conditions, deviation, route planning,  expectability, foreseeability, heavy weather cargo damage, port and inland weather conditions and similar  weather related problems. 


CLIENTS, COURTS AND  ARBITRATIONS.  10 year list of clients from  New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, California, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, Montreal, Newfoundland, London, Greece, and Far East.  Expert opinion rendered in proceedings in  New York City, New Jersey, London, Miami, Chicago,  Long Island, Jacksonville,  Vancouver,  Houston, Charleston and Oregon.


WINDS, WAVES, WEATHER AND CONSEQUENCES.   Analysis provides opinion on impact of weather and sea conditions including:  ¨Charter party disputes. Owners and Charterers  voyage performance analysis of speed and consumption  with calculations of time loss and fuel consumption using methods accepted in international maritime arbitrations. ¨Weather, wind  and wave.  Timeline analysis of precipitation amounts, wind speeds, wave heights and directions for vessel or  cargo. 


WEATHER CONSULTANT SERVICES AND TRAINING.  Risks to marine operations from unknown or unexpected weather conditions are high and costly.  DSEAWX provides weather training programs for office, shore and sea.


New York City's leader in Marine Weather Expert Services for use in    dispute resolution, negotiation, court or maritime arbitrations.

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