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Dooley SeaWeather Analysis, Inc.

Maritime Industry Weather Services





Anchor cut power cables during storm

Collect weather records from reporting stations in area. Analyzed time line of events at vessel and personnel actions at terminal. Researched climatological data for area. Calculated wave heights. Prepared report for court.

Chartered Vessel Speed Claim

Analyze two year time charter period, identify periods of charter party defined good weather. Quantify speed and fuel claim and make presentation in London arbitration.

Wave Climatology

Analyze site specific wave climate data for Indian Ocean location.

Prepare report.

Vessel breaks in two

during storm at Sea

Prepare numerical hindcast of weather conditions encountered by

vessel at time of breakup. Prepare report and exhibits for use before Federal Judge in SDNY. Time under oath.

Vessel grounds while heaving anchor. Oil spill.

Collect wind and spectral wave data. Analyze wave heights and energy present when heaving anchor. Organizing timeline of wave and shipboard events. Time under oath before jury in Oregon State Court.

Warehouse floods during heavy rains from tropical storm

Collect rain data for area. Analyze amounts for warehouse location. Examine and explain climatology of tropical storms and hurricanes to jury in Miami Federal Court.

Longshoreman claims injury from slipping on ice on deck

Analyze temperature and precipitation records for period at anchor, in transit to dock and time of accident. Correlate time of temperature falling below freezing with time of snowfall and render opinion of water freezing on deck.



Develop and present to vessel personnel refresher course on weather parameters and operational impacts.

Damage to condenser shipped on deck found at

arrival in port

Research weather conditions for dates condenser at terminal awaiting ship arrival. Reconstruct ocean passage of vessel and examine for periods and Beaufort Force of heavy weather. Prepare graphics for court presentation