A letter to Norway dated Dec. 7, 1941, found in storage, opened and translated in 2001.

Dear Sister Elise:

How long I thought to write you, but because of the situation in the world today, it is not certain if letters will get there or come back.  I wrote to Malene and Johan Moi a while ago, in answer to the letter Malene wrote that Dea was dead.  I hope they get it.

I long wanted, in my soul, to hear how you have it now.  I read the newspaper and other news about Norway, but it isn't certain, especially during these days.  If there is peace again, and we live, then there is a possibility for us to see you again in our beloved Norway.  It is with a thought of the future that we see light, and when the world's powers and authorities  are made to nothing, God shall establish a kingdom that shall not be overthrown; and we shall get  a part in this kingdom.  Because of the sacrifice of Christ's blood, if we go in the grave, we will  go there with the hope of the coming of Christ, and he will  bring glory with him.

We here in Tacoma are all well so far.  Our son Berger is in the navy, his wife lives with us.  Our oldest daughter, Dorothy, lives in the house next to us and Alice, our youngest, has a home not far away.  How it shall be with America in this world crisis and into the future must be learned ...(unintelligible).

This is a letter to all my siblings, that is, a Christmas greeting................it is God's will that we come forward with bravery and are enlightened.  He shall bring help in his time.  Greet everyone and your children and everyone who you and I know, especially Jorgen Nes and Pastor Berge, if they're in Kinesdal.  Greet them from me, and also Pastor Sigurdsen and his wife.

-Daniel Espeland
 Tacoma, Wash
 Dec. 7, 1941

Note: This letter was marked "Return to sender", May 5, 1942, as undeliverable in Nazi occupied Norway.  It was found by Espeland's grandson, translated into English as best possible, and published in Gig Harbor, Washington's weekly newspaper, the Peninsula Gateway.  This version was edited for clarity by a family friend.

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