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The Past
Quick Tour   of Old Testament passages foretelling the sufferings of Christ and his second coming.  Read from the major
                      Bible  prophecies written many centuries B.C.  If you want proof that God has power over Time, this is it.
The scattering and re-gathering of the Jews foretold  -- list of prophecies from the Old Testament to help you reverse engineer
                      the history of Israel. Read your newspaper for the countdown to the final act. "When the Author walks onto
                      the stage, you know the play is over".  You want to be coming with Him when this happens.
Trinity  Get this for your Bible students. It's good.
The Genesis Flood  ...did it really happen?
Is the Bible complete?   Examine these prophetic types from Genesis to Revelation then decide for yourself.

The Present
The Christian Passover    Who's going to Heaven, and why, according to John's Gospel.
Signs & Wonders  Are "Signs & Wonders" reliable evidence that God is working through those who perform them?
Pharmakeia   Drugs and Sorcery mark the countdown to Antichrist.
The Bible and the "Flat-earth" myth  ...when myth becomes "fact".

The Future
Safety, Certainty & Enjoyment   by George Cutting.  Blessed assurance from a 19th century writer. Don't torture yourself about your salvation.  Reading this will settle the question once and for all.  New.
Sketch of Hebrews   by Clarence Lundin.  If you've already read Hebrews, you should read this next. New.
Bread upon the Waters   A few of the "Railroad Tracts" written in 1840's England by Charles Stanley. New.
Read your Fortune here   Thinking about your future?  Where will you be 100 years from now?  Find out...New.
The "Unworthy Manner"   A sobering view of chapter 11 bankruptcy from 1 Corinthians New.
The Good Confession it yours? Print this piece and read it to your church.  It tell us who Jesus IS.
Eternal Stuff    Can a Christian lose his salvation?

No-Trib  Will the Church be on earth during the coming Tribulation? "No" argue the prophetic types in the Old Testament..
Why the Rapture will happen BEFORE the coming Tribulation  This is the last word on the subject:  Bruce Anstey's treatise on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church.  If you are concerned about Christ's Second Coming and what it means for you, don't miss this chance to know what I and millions of others are looking for: The Blessed Hope of deliverance from the WRATH TO COME. (Yes, that wrath is coming, and there's only ONE way out).
LastDays  Bruce Anstey's pamphlet "The Two Days of Scripture", detailing Bible evidence that we are nearing
                the end of the age.

Personal testimonies
 Out of the ditch   God leaves his calling card at scene of wreck  It really happened, so let it load.
 Letter to Norway , dated Dec. 7, 1941.  Read it in light of  911 and the events that could follow.

Another site:
The Cyber Hymnal  Hymns with words and MIDI files that play the tunes onscreen. Check out Fanny Crosby's (for example).
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                               something to sing about.

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