Tacoma Narrows Bridge transponder tolls…         


You don’t have to affix your new GoodToGo transponder permanently on your windshield in order to record your passage through the toll cameras.  Just hold it up on the windshield, below the rearview mirror.  It reads right through the removable plastic cover.  I’ve done it many times, and it works.  I called my account during the test period to confirm that my passages were recorded.  Be sure to hold it up with the barcode facing in.

That’s the good news.  The bad news about the new system has been all over the Tacoma News Tribune, in articles and letters to the editor regarding the tollbooth cameras and privacy concerns.  You may not think it so important now, but when your American birthright, the presumption of innocence, is gone, you’ll wish you had it back.

But at least now you know you don’t have to stick that unsightly transponder to your windshield.  You can stash it in your ashtray  and  fool any RFID sensors in other areas.  Forget the overheads on the approach to the main tollbooth.  I tested mine on the bank of cameras next to the tollbooth only, and it worked.


If you have doubts, test it yourself.  Then call or go online to access your account and verify the transaction.  Even if it didn’t record your transponder, your license will be photographed, and the computer will reveal that you have an account, so there’s nothing to lose.


If you’re wondering why you should bother with all this, then go ahead and peel off the plastic and stick your transponder on your windshield.  Now go and park your car in anywhere in Tacoma.  When some skrink sees the transponder, he’ll know you’re a rich bastard from Gig Harbor, and will rifle your car for all it’s worth.  If your windshield ever needs replacement, have fun. 


The day will come when the tolls are raised.  When that happens, the thousands who have transponders may turn the tide by doing a very simple thing: lining up at the tollbooths to pay the full price.  A day or two of that is all it will take to send the pikers a message.


Keeping tolls down accrues to the poor, and by extension, the rest of us.  Not everyone in Gig Harbor can afford a daily financial nick in the vein, so helping protect them from excessive tolls is a worthy calling. 


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