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Kent Hovind's Creation Resources   ...excellent video series disproving evolution. Our kids are being brainwashed in school,
                                                         but so were we! Take back your brain! Order Kent's videos! Quick!

Chuck Missler's Koinonia House website   This guy is amassing evidence from the Bible, science, nature, and the news, that we are on the cusp of change. This site is a tremendous resource for Christian apologetics. If you're wondering about UFOs, aliens and their agenda, this guy has written a book about it (order it at 888-77TRUTH). The "days of Noah" are upon us, as Jesus warned in Matthew 24:37-38. We are being inundated today with "E.T." propaganda calculated to prepare the world for a "mass abduction" to explain away the Rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12). Chuck's research on these issues points to the extra- dimensional character of the UFO phenomenon. Chuck and Mark Eastman were recently interviewed by Art Bell, where they spoke about these things before a radio audience of perhaps 20 million (more than 8 times the number of Israelites addressed by God from Mt. Sinai 3400 years ago), so these are not "fringe" issues in the public consciousness.

Jack Van Impe's Bible Pages   The BIG ONE on Christian issues practical and prophetic.

Other Creationist Links...   ...check these out.

Cliff Hanlon's Berean Apologetics page   ...more reasons to believe.
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