Colloidal Silver in the War on Terror

You know what's happening.  There are no vaccines for anthrax or smallpox "available to the general public".  We can't retool in time to face the imminent threat of bio-terrorism.  (The threat of designer germs makes that moot anyway.)

Here's a way to fight back.  Colliodal silver (CS) kills nasty germs.  A patented process for cleaning kidney dialysis machines serves as proof that blood-borne pathogens can't stand up to CS.  There are no drug interactions or allergies associated with it's use.  In view of the recent unpleasantness, it may be our last line of defence if all else fails.

Anyone can make colloidal silver.  The plans are at   Save the file and print copies until you run out of ink.  Email this page to everyone you know.  People in or commuting to high-risk settings--cities, office buildings, military bases--should be the first to act on this.  All you need are 3 nine volt batteries and about 1 foot of fine silver wire.  Spoons will do if wires are few (silver, of course).   Silver coins will do in a pinch.  Fine (.999 or better) wire is best. One CS maker can serve several households.  If you have no silver, use gold.  Moses did in Exodus 32:20.

Look, the danger of bio-terrorism may be exagerated, but the fear is real and crippling.  If you keep a printed copy of these instructions handy, you have something to fall back on should calamity come too close for comfort.

Enter the RagHeads
If a plague passes through my area, and doctors and antibiotics are handy, I'll use that.  If not, I'll pour CS full strength into a humidifier,  hover over it with a towel over my head and huff the stuff for at least 10 minutes, twice a day.  My intuition may tell me to to increase the huffing time and drink the stuff straight. If my stool turns white, I'll drink acidophilus milk and eat some cheese.

Fear alone can bring us to our knees.  We can win this war on terror if we act.  If a plague strikes, I want CNN and Al Jezeera to show tapes of American RagHeads hunched over humidifiers, fighting back.  This will influence future  strategies on the part of the bio-assassins, forcing them to figure out a plan "B" while on the fly. We'll be there to meet it.              --HorseHead

Disclaimer:  Everything on this page is public intellectual property.   No one owns a patent on the antiseptic and prophylactic properties of colloidal silver, or the process by which it is made.   The safety issues and benefit claims of using colloidal silver are best explored by surfing the myriad sites where the stuff is sold for money.

P.S  By the way, the pundits tell us we don't need gasmasks.  Go tell that to the Israelis.  Think: if everyone has a gasmask, then the likelyhood of attack is diminished.  The assassins at war with us like to sow terror, and if terror is diminished, we win!  Deterrence works. Choose life.              Back to Horse's Homepage