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The times they are a-changin'

The Christian Passover    Who's going to Heaven, and why, according to John's Gospel.
Bible Prophecy The first word on last things. Check out the prophecies about Israel (the Jews)
Build a colloidal silver maker   Make your own for pennies on the dollar.  Printable instructions. If you can't get antibiotics, this may be your last resort.  And don't try and sue me for passing out medical
advice.  Silver kills germs, and only a slimey piker would hide that fact  from the public.  The Israelis
know about this stuff, and you should too.

By the way, do you have a gas mask?  Your congressman has one.  I'll bet he has a stash of antibiotics, too.  He's had them ever since Bin Laden started pinging our hull.

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HorseHead's trip to the dentist  ...a warning to kids...
The TRUTH about flight 587  ...a warning to travellers...
Who's next? ...a warning to America...

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