The Chronicles of Arnia 
                   Arne Herstad's letters to the Earth

The Future
The Christian Passover    Who's going to Heaven, and why, according to John's Gospel.
Bible Prophecy  If the Bible can give us our future in writing, and bring it to pass before our own eyes, then how hard can it be for God to tell the truth about the Past?  You decide.
Cracking the Da Vinci Code   A one page take that does it all....
Build a colloidal silver maker  Make your own from these printable instructions.

The Past
My family background Going back from the Herstad farm in Norway to King Harald Fairhair and beyond...I was King of Norway, but now I'm dead.

The Funnies
HorseHead's trip to the dentist ...a warning to kids...
The Mayo Challenge ..."Fight Club" is just a movie.  This was real...

The Works of My Hands
Headrig    The SAWMILL.  This is what I do.  See the inner workings of a sawmill while you still can...
My Sailboats   Personal  pursuits with regard to sailing a Norse faering and a C-26 Mkll
Digital delights by my own handMy photo Digitarium.  Link to Gig Harbor Digitarium
Nautical delights by my own hand  Building a Bolger "Shoebox" dinghy.
Poetical delights by my own hand  Verse, or worse.  Check for new poems
Her Kommer Jesus Dine Små  Song in Danish with English translation and pronunciation key

You can't preach the Gospel to a dead body  -A. Herstad

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