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PEP-C  If you are living on the West Coast of the USA, then you need the practical information available at Gig Harbor's
             Disaster Preparednes site.  It's local in flavor but universal in earthquake preparedness.  The ideas here will cover all
             your temporal bases.  No financial advice here, just the basics we'd all think about if we weren't so busy.

Dogpile Search engine  ...the one I use.

Build a Norwegian "willow" flute from PVC  Erik of Kristiansand shows you how to make and play a primative flute that every
                                                                    dad in Norway makes for his growing son.

"If thy neighbor wrong thee, build each of his children a willow flute." -A. Herstad

JPFO: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership  If you wonder why this link is here, read the book of Esther.

Rosenstein's Sailing Page on boats.

Concordance: J.N.Darby's New Translation   ...look it up!

Lark in The Morning's Seattle Music Shop   ...rare musical instruments. If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.

Common Sense Designs (Bolger boats) it fast in plywood. I did.

Wooden Boat  ...the best non- prophetic magazine on Earth.

Folksong Database the Big Rock Candy Mountains, you never wash your socks...

Books by experts on New World Order  ...there it is, folks, Revelation 17:17 being unwittingly fulfilled in our own time.

Art Bell's Radio Website   My favorite poison shelf. This is where you put your ear to the ground and hear the apocalyptic
                                         hoofbeats of approaching doom, and from every viewpoint to boot.
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