Has someone told you "The Bible teaches the Earth is flat."?


The Bible teaches that the Earth is ROUND. The Bible also teaches in that the Earth is suspended in space. Here, check these passages out...

The Old Testament prophet ISAIAH (circa 700 B.C.) quotes as follows:

"It is he that sitteth upon the CIRCLE*
of the earth, and the inhabitants
thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the
heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent
to dwell in." --Isaiah 40:22

*Circle=Hebrew "chuwg",meaning "sphere"

In addition to that, Job (circa 1,800 B.C.)speaks of his Maker as follows:

"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place,
and hangeth the earth upon nothing." Job 26:7

Be advised that we are in the closing days of an age predicted by the Hebrew prophets, and that DECEPTION is the first sign Jesus warns us of in describing these days in Matthew 24.

It's so easy to begin with a conclusion, then quote popular myths to back it up. The "myth" tag puts an end to searching, and learning suffers for it. How might this tendency effect our views of historical evidence concerning the Genesis Flood,? Historical evidence, carefully sifted, yields facts. Ask any trial lawyer.

[A fairly common response to this page will quote a passage from the Bible citing "..the four CORNERS of the earth.." (corresponding to the four compass points) as evidence that the Bible is "unscientific". Okay, so let's be fair: the next time you pick up your Nautical Almanac--a scientific book--notice how it uses the same style of phenomenological language when referring to "sunrise" and "sunset". There is nothing scientifically sinful about using figures of speech--poetry, really--to put a handle on an idea, making it easier to pack around. Believing the Nautical Almanac can save your life while at sea. Believing the Bible can likewise save your life, both in this age and in the one to come.]

Why trust rumors? Look it up yourself...

For your convenience, I've posted Old Testament prophecies that you can read on site by hitting the following links. All the books of the Old Testament existed as a unit prior to 400 B.C., so read these prophecies and decide for yourself what the interpretation ought to be.
  • Old Testament prophecies fortelling the person and work of Christ...why not check it out?
  • Old Testament predictions of the scattering and regathering of Israel...history and modern geopolitics told in advance.

  • The Bottom Line...

    There were many carpenters in Israel when Jesus walked the Earth, but none were announced beforehand by prophecy spanning thousands of years. There have been many prophets, priests and kings throughout history. All are in their graves today except one: Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

     We each give testimony to Christ's resurrection every time we write a check, sign an article or save a file, because we each time affix to it the DATE showing the number of days, months and years since the birth of Christ. Had Jesus not been raised from the dead, he'd have been denounced and forgotten,and we'd all be measuring time from some other event.

     Add to this the testimony of Moses and the Prophets, who foretold this event (not to mention the restoration of Israel) and we have a problem: Jesus Christ is coming back, and there's nothing we can do to stop him. Now what?

    "He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep for that which he cannot lose."
    "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved..."

    If you are interested in another view about the world you live in, contact:
    Kent Hovind
    c/o Creation Science
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    or call: 1-904-479-DINO
  • Chuck Missler's Koinonia House website

  • This guy is amassing evidence from the Bible, science, nature, and the news, that we are on the cusp of change. This site is a tremendous resource for Christian apologetics. If you're wondering about UFOs, aliens and their agenda, this guy has written a book about it (order it at 888-77TRUTH). The "days of Noah" are upon us, as Jesus warned in Matthew 24:37-38. We are being inundated today with "alien" propaganda calculated to prepare the world for a "mass abduction" to explain away the Rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12). Chuck's research on these issues points to the extra-dimensional character of the UFO phenomenon. The world is being set up to explain away the Rapture, when it happens.


    Further ancient testimony on the shape of the Earth.

    (Just in case you thought the ROUND Earth was a minority opinion)

     Luminaries past and present who know the Earth is round:

     ARNE HERSTAD (whose website this is) knows the Earth is round because the Bible tells him so; but he also observed the Earth's round shadow passing over the Moon during a lunar eclipse, so science CAN play a supporting role in the gathering of knowledge!

     CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS knew the Earth was round, as did the Icelanders he visited in 1482 (E. Oxenstierna).

     RAVEN FLOKI knew also. When Raven Floki, the Faroese viking, set sail for Iceland, He took two or three crows with him, releasing them periodically to take bearings off their flight paths toward land. Had the world been flat, Raven Floki would have hired a priest for his voyage and left his crows at home. (The priest would have known, however, that the Earth is round, or he wouldn't have signed on for the trip.)

     THE ALEUTS knew the world was round because two of their ancestors had left in youth, paddling their skin baidarkas in search of the end of the world. They returned old men, not having found it.

     ERATOSTHESES OF ALEXANDRIA (c.276-c.194 B.C.), used geometry to measure the earth's circumference, so he knew also.

     THE PYTHAGORIANS (sometime B.C.) knew the Earth was round. (Look it up yourself)

  • The Good Confession



    ..is it yours?

  • The Genesis Flood



    ...did it really happen?

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