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"It's disconcerting that these box boats do everything better than elaborately modeled boats of the same overall dimensions, if they both carry the same load". --Philip C. Bolger

 Leif The Sawyer Nailing stock Nailing the neighbor's stock The Hunter's Purse No, Nessie, I'm NOT going to kiss you!

           Leif saws nailing stock to hold boat together while Andrew hunts Bambi...................Dad gauges progress.

I'm told that Common Sense Designs no longer carries "Shoebox" plans.  Try Bolger & Friends I guess.

The Doorskin Dinghy


This model was built from a doorskin to 25% scale. The
model is a little heavier than it should be, but for tank
testing it sufficed.

The model included the foam floatation under
the sidedecks called for in the full-sized version. He/she/it
turned in the tank by merely shifting the weight from side to
side. Epoxy, the glue from "Da Odder Place" was used to
ensure the model's heirloom testability.

Modeling lets you make your mistakes on 1/4 scale, learning
to read the plans in the process.

"...The joke's edge is blunted if the thing doesn't work reasonably well". --Phil Bolger 

Next Step:

Below are the construction photos with the expletives deleted for your viewing pleasure.

 Except for the bottom and sides, this is a square boat, so the need to make straight cuts cannot be overemphasized. The plans and instructions are good, so there's no one but yourself to blame for what's bound to occur.

The purpose of the nails is to hold things together until the Babylonian slime (epoxy, to the layman) sets. The silicon bronze ringnails prescribed for this holding job are ridiculously expensive. Find a substitute, because when you ping them into the woods or drop them in the dirt, you may momentarily lose your religion over it. It's not worth it. Everything is high in price today because we live in a society whose sacrament is murder and whose communion is theft. Welcome to a brave new world, where inflation puts moms behind grills, and treehouses and swingsets into the hands of the wealthy.

 Build safe, but remember it only has to last until this whole paradigm blows up in our faces.

Dad checks curve for squarenessLeif closes Pandora's BoxCuring the slime in the heat of the nightA Bolger Shoebox with floation undeckedTurning grey

  Checking Square.........Slamming Lid.........Cooking  Slime........Floatation Untried........Turning Grey

The Day of the Launch

The Day of the Launch

So here it is with Dad at the helm: the Bolger "Shoebox" dinghy, brandishing an oar for a bowsprit in order to ram something. We've made a Taiwan Tarp spritsail with rudder and leeboard just for kicks. This boat was meant to be rowed, not sailed, but. rigged for fun, this boat is a real icebreaker. So if you're lonely, don't kill yourself. Build a SHOEBOX.


The NYMPH breaks water...
We did it!  It is finished!  Now, to quote Thomas Edison, "If you know you can do it, do something else."

Bolger Nymph poised to ply the waves of
Shaw's Cove, near the Green Point sand-


The Prism breaks water...

This was built from a single sheet of plywood plus scraps for seams.  She measures 10' tip to tip  with only 16" under my butt (32" across the top).   Her capacity is enormous, but she's unspeakably tippy.  Using oars, I dared not venture far from shore.  The water temperature here is about the same as our latitude.  Since the slightest misstroke pulled the side over, I couldn't relax in her.  So now it's time to make an omlette.

I'm now building a 16' version using 2 sheets of plywood to form the business end of an experimental proa.  The one pictured above will be the log (ama).  I ventured less than 20 dollars (not counting tape and epoxy) for this boat, and I'll not let it go to waste.  I intend to build a craft for less than 100 dollars that will murder everything in Gig Harbor, but that can be launched in pieces from the back of my pickup.  So, coming soon, The Proletarian Proa.  I intend to swipe some ideas from Bolger's proa for steering and lateral resistence, and make a polytarp sail (I have an old Sunfish sail that would be perfect for this, but blasphemous to the cause).

The idea and plan for the Prism is found  here.   This boat goes together fast.  The author of the site doesn't, at this writing, leave any contact information.  No problem, though, since the plans are clear enough: just measure, draw and cut.  The glue is up to you.

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