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Did you ever think about dropping out and going sailing in the Caribbean for a couple of years?

Here is the story of two 40 something's who did just that.  We were not rich; we were not "old salts". We knew that we would have to return to work when they money ran out.

If this sort of thing interests you, feel free to enjoy the stories that follow.  The sabbatical lasted three years (June 1990 through September 1993).  We began writing these web pages in October 1995 and we finished in June 2003. We went back through all the chapters in May and June of 2003 and brought them up to date.

We like to hear from our readers, so please email and tell us about yourself.

Early on, we received questions that we answered and posted to the Q&A section on this site.

A word of caution. We do not intend these articles to be anything other than advice on, and thoughts about, our trip and sailing in the eastern Caribbean. We believe in toilets, engines, generators, refrigeration, air conditioning, marinas and other creature comforts. We have no wish to live on cold beans on toast, wash clothes in a bucket, or do any of the other things some ultra frugal cruisers do.

If you want to sail around the world, go to remote parts of the globe, cross oceans, sail without an engine or refrigeration, then these articles are not for you.

Enjoy and let us hear from you.

Jim & Diane


Chapter 1: Who We Are
Chapter 2: Deciding To Go
Chapter 3: Our Boat
Chapter 4: The Perfect Cruising Boat
Chapter 5: Navigation
Chapter 6: Electronics & Communications
Chapter 7: The Costs
Chapter 8: The Cruising Galley - Part 1
Chapter 9: The Cruising Galley - Part 2
Chapter 10: The Cruising Galley - Part 3
Chapter 11: Spare Parts and Tools
Chapter 12: Should We Take A Gun?
Chapter 13: The Big Day
Chapter 14: Our Cruising Log - Part 1 - Florida to George Town
Chapter 15: Our Cruising Log - Part 2 - George Town to the Virgins
Chapter 16: Our Cruising Log - Part 3 - The Virgins to St. Martin
Chapter 17: Our Cruising Log - Part 4 - St. Martin to the Tobago Cays
Chapter 18: Our Cruising Log - Part 5 - Tobago Cays to Trinidad
Chapter 19: Our Cruising Log - Part 6 - Trinidad to Venezuela to Puerto Rico
Chapter 20: Our Cruising Log - Part 7 - Puerto Rico to Florida
Chapter 21: Our Cruising Log - Part 8 - Cleveland
Chapter 22: Epilogue - June 2003
Chapter 23: Things We forgot To Tell You
Chapter 24: Unforgettable Memories





Questions and Answers

Q&A 1: Questions and Answers #1
Q&A 2: Questions and Answers #2
Q&A 3: Questions and Answers #3
Q&A 4: Questions and Answers #4
Q&A 5: Questions and Answers #5
Q&A 6: Questions and Answers #6
Q&A 7: Questions and Answers #7
Q&A 8: Questions and Answers #8
Q&A 9: Questions and Answers #9


Here are some pictures of us, our boat, people we met and the things we saw.

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