Mid-Life Cruising Sabbatical

Chapter 22


June 2003

So now it’s June 2003 and we have finally finished the story of our trip.  Later we will bring you up to date on what we have been doing for the last ten years and what we are planning for the next few.

We are always asked, “Why did you come back?”  That’s easy – we ran out of money.  We had not been on the trip for more than a few months when we decided that we liked the cruising lifestyle.  We always knew that we would have to return to work and that we did.  However, we did meet people who, even though they had owned sailboats all their lives, found that the extended cruising life was not for them.  It is one thing to take your two week or even month long vacation on your boat and quite another thing to go for years or forever.

Most people we met along the way have returned to land-based living.  The one exception are the Nofs mentioned in our stories.  They continue to live on their boat in the Caribbean making Trinidad their home base.

So what have we been doing?  We formed our own consulting business in 1993.  We knew that after three years cruising we could never work at an 8 to 5 office job for someone else.  Our company is called Information Partners and we are library technology consultants.  We help libraries acquire and integrate technology into their operations.  We lived in the apartment mentioned in the last letter until two years ago when we bought a condo just a few blocks away.  We still drive the 1987 Saab we had when we were cruising and it is our only car.

Our plan when we came back from cruising in 1993 were to work hard, save money and go cruising again.  We have modified that plan somewhat.  Back in the mid 90s we came across a TV series on PBS called “On the Waterways” which opened our eyes to the coastal and inland cruising possibilities in the eastern US.  We began thinking that this would be our next cruising ground and began thinking about what boat we would want.  Early on we settled on some type of trawler and just recently we have settled on the Endeavour Trawlercat 36.


Last month we put a deposit down to hold a January 2004 delivery date.  We are now in the process of deciding exactly how we want her built and with what options.  We plan to call her “Down Time”.

Our plans are to live on her in Florida (either the Tampa or Miami area) in the winter and then keep her in the Chesapeake in the summer and commute to her there from Cleveland.  We’ll take an entire month off each spring and fall to move her back and forth.  After a few years of this we’ll work less and spend more time on the boat.  Who knows – we might even take the new Down Time back to some of our old Caribbean haunts.

Since we are taking delivery in January, Endeavour has mentioned using her in the Miami Boat Show in February 2004.  If you are there, come look for us.  Diane has said that she definitely wants to make a trip to the Bahamas before we bring her north.  Remember our stories about trying to cross the Gulf Stream?  I talked to a Trawlercat owner who lives in Miami and he was telling me that he could leave No Name Harbor at 0700; have lunch and check in at West End at noon and travel another 40 miles to Great Sail Cay in the afternoon.  That sure beats leaving No Name at midnight!

Oh, one more note.  Last year we got married and here we are:


We hope you have enjoyed our web site.  It sure took us a long time to complete the thing!  We love to talk cruising with people so feel free to email or call us.  Our contact information is : jkbarrentine@earthlink.net or 216-371-2415.

The End

Not quite, we added two more chapters!

Jim & Diane


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