Mid-Life Cruising Sabbatical

Chapter 24

Unforgettable Memories

June 2003

In June 2003, as we were re-editing earlier chapters we were amazed at how many memories came back, as vivid as if they happened yesterday.  Some of them are:

The color of the water at the edge of the Gulf Stream.

The excitement of No Name Harbor the night before a crossing.

Spending all day for months getting the boat ready to go.

The color and clarity of the water in the Bahamas.

Clearing customs.

The stars on a moonless night.

Seeing the space shuttle pass over while at anchor.

Trading a beer for grouper that now costs $13 a pound here in Cleveland.

The red propane tank story.

The mooring that came with a limo.

A donkey ride in the Dominican Republic.

Island laundry ladies.

The lady on Bequia who wanted to braid Jim’s hair into dreadlocks for free.

Thanksgiving in Trinidad, Christmas in Venezuela and New Years in St. Barths.

A trip to the Andes.

Happy hour in Antigua.

The whole yachtie scene in George Town.

The shotgun in the BVIs story.

Sunrise crossing the Anagada Passage.

“Sheep tail do down, goat tail go up”.  The advice we got on Anguilla concerning telling sheep and goats apart.

The SCUBA diving at Saba.

Cruise ships in St. Thomas.

Sea bass baked in a crust of salt at a restaurant in Puerto la Cruz.

Fried egg sandwiches in Puerto Plata.

Drinks where the Coke cost more than the rum.

Changing money in the Dominican Republic.

The “hedges in the water” story.

Sailing with whales and dolphins.

The disappearing freighter.

Island markets.

The 4th of July party at the US ambassador’s residence in Trinidad.

Local island transportation.

The wake, Jack Iron and the story about John.

Provisioning at 3 am.


Jim & Diane

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