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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Sino-Africa ties....starting with diplomatic relations with Egypt. During the first half of the year, Sino-African relations have geared up with a momentum of continuous official visits, from the top leadership level to ministry-level exchanges. The latest is the ongoing visit by China's Wen Jiabao, to Egypt. More, during the June 21 China Horizons.


On July 17, Chinese General Guo Boxiong began a week-long visit to the United States, the latest sign that the two nations are boosting their military relations through exchange of high-level visits. China says a better Sino-U.S. relationship will be strategically important in maintaining and promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in the whole world. CRI News and News and Reports will air updates.


On March 1, 50 young women from all over China assembled in Harbin to compete in the fourth annual Miss Universe China pageant. Dreams came true for 22 year old Qi Fang, a college student from Jiangxi, when she won the Miss Universe China, a title that would allow her to represent her country in the global beauty pageant. Less than a month after her win, she was stripped of the title. The July 10 Frontline explains why.


Six months ago, a 10-year-old Chinese boy from central China's Hunan Province became known to the world as the first case of human bird flu in China. He was also the first one to be cured of H5N1. During the June 30 Life in China, we'll tell you how one fateful day in October changed the life of this child.


One of the China's top modern dance groups, the Beijing Modern Dance Company, has recently returned from Italy where they debut their newest piece, °Midnight Rain". It was commissioned by the 2006 Venice Biennale Festival of Contemporary Dance. Choreographed by BMDC's head dancer Gao Yangjinzi, the piece uses a mixture of modern music with traditional Peking Opera. More on the past and future of ther dance troupe during the July 13 Voices from Other Lands.


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