Hello! Welcome to my home page. I started this page some time ago, but I haven't been all that persistent in updating it, so it's still a bit of a mess. Sorry 'bout that.

Who am I?

I am a semi-retired systems engineer and software developer. Semi-retired means I'll do work as it comes along, but I will also be doing things that I've always wanted to do, that are important to me personally.

If you have need of an experienced systems enginer and/or software developer, give my resume a look.

In October, 2005 I took took advantage of the differential in housing costs to relocate from San Diego to Henderson (Nevada), in the hills south of Las Vegas. It feels good so far, although a bit of a change from my six years in San Diego, and before that 28 years in the San Francisco Bay area.

I live in a nice house with my wife, Verna, of 40+ years (time flies when you're having fun). I have two adult daughters, Christel (a teacher in Houston), and Carla (a graphic designer in Los Angeles).

What else defines me in summary? Hmmm. I grew up on a farm in Montana, which sometimes give me a different perspective on things. I was a competition barbecue chef when I was in San Diego. And my "business" card calls me an infosystems geek, a skeptic and humanist, a cook and a poker player.

What is this site about?

I'm trying to do several things with this website. First, I'll be putting what I hope is useful information on it, both for my own use and for that of others. I'm starting along this line with some recipes and other food information. I also will be providing whatever insights I can towards understanding our social situation, and hopefully people will find these useful, too.

The major sections of this site are:

The food information section has a decent amount of material in it, even if it hasn't been tended all that carefully. The other sections are pretty superficial at the moment.

If you're a Sudoku enthusiast, check out the Sudoku Assistant I've written.

How to reach me

If you find something here you'd like to talk about, you can email me at: kaun_carl(at)ix.netcom.com (replace the "(at)" with the symbol "@" -- this done to reduce spam). Put something meaningful in the title so I can distinguish your email from spam.

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