My 2000 Long Flights (over 500 km)

May 5; LS-6B; 394 sm from Fremont Cnty Apt (Bald Spot Remote Start 6 mi NW)  to  Rustic, CO to Greenhorn, Pk and return to remote start point; 5:15 flight time. Aborted 1000 km attempt, missed Taos and Methodist Mtn turnpoints. Link to Flight log.

May 28; LS-6B; 507.5 smi from Fremont County Airport to Remote Start near the Bald Spot (6 mi NW) to Devils Head fire tower, to Santa Fe Ski Area, to a point roughly 6 miles up the valley from the Bald Spot  and return to the Fremont County Airport; 7:00 flight time. Second aborted 1000 km attempt this month, couldn't get back into the mountains to get the last turnpoint at Conifer. Link to Flight Log.

June 3; LS-6B; 350 smi from Kelly Airpark to Devils Head to Horse Creek, WY to Devils Head and return to Kelly Airpark; 4:45 flight time. Third aborted 1000 km attempt of the year. Other declared turnpoints were Greenhorn Peak and Gold Hill. Link to Flight Log.

The view near Horsetooth Res northbound 6/3. The cu thinned considerably north of the WY-CO line.

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