UM at Kelly Airpark       

My 1998 Long Flights (over 500 km)

June21; LS-6B; 370 sm from Taos,NM  to  Methodist Mtn (near Salida) to Los Alomos and return; 4:55 flight time.

June 22; LS-6B; 327 sm from Taos, NM  to Buena Vista, CO and return; 4:32 flight time.

June 25; LS-6B; 348 sm from Taos, NM  to Grants,NM to Questa Airport and return; 5:04 flight time. 

August 8; LS-6B; 367 sm from Fremont County Apt, CO (Peak Soaring) to Devils Head to Red River, NM to Crestone and return; 4:05 time on course.

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