ZL high above the Colorado Front Range

Here's the Links I typically check for flight planning purposes:

  NWS 10 day forecast

  Blipmap Univiewer

  NWS Colorado Forecast Discussions

  GOES E Hi-Res image

  Sounding based soaring forecast

  NWS soaring forecast

  DUAT for forecast, NOTAMS, TFR's etc.

  And of course, the local RASP forecast BLIPMAPs. RASP is Regional Area Soaring Prediction.

Some other weather Links for the Colorado Front Range:

Some cool sounding forecasts (java required)

NCAR-RAP Realtime Weather

National Weather Service Radar

Hi-Res Front Range Satellite views GOES-10, GOES-12

Weather Channel-Denver

Intellicast - 4-day Forecast , Satellite Loop, Local Radar

Mountain Wave Forecast

Soaring Forecasts, RAMS homepage