Austin J. Gibbons

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Age: 30 years old
Residence: Chicago
State: IL


Raised in the suburbs, I now live downtown.


Amoco Corporation

I work in the Tax Department, on Income Tax reporting from SAP R/3. We have implemented SAP for our corporate parent company, our chemicals company, and a small fabrics company. Our largest implementations are underway, they are our exploration and production company,andourmarketing, refining,and transportation comany. Please send me a note if you have any insights or experiences with income tax reporting and SAP.


Flying... If I could, I would spend all of my free time flying.

On 11/12/97 I'm going on "Morey's West Coast Adventure" with Field Morey for my IFR rating. This will be a 10 day adventure in a Cessna T-182 RG. We spend 3 days in the Madison Wisconsin area, and then 7 days going from Madison to Boeing Field, Seattle, south to L.A., then to the Grand Canyon, Telluride, and finally home again to C29 Morey Field.

I'll wirte up more about my adventure when I return. If you have questions, leave me a message.

Picture of T-28B in the hangar. (48K)

Picture of a T-28B cockpit. (60K)

Picture of T-28B in flight. (166K)

Picture of T-28B in flight - on the way to Sun 'n Fun 1994. (96K)


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