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It took simply ages and many broken resolutions before I finally got around to putting up a fanfic page of my own. No fancy graphics or anything (I've got a six-year-old -- I just don't have time -- and now he's that he's in first grade - eek!), just my fanfiction and a few recommendations. I have a hard enough time keeping the darn thing updated without messing around with anything splashier. Let me know if you find any broken links -- I'm losing track.

I've been a Star Trek fan since seeing Miri on its first network run in 1966, so that gives you an idea of how many times I've been around the block, but Trek in all its incarnations still gives me a thrill. Voyager is my current obsession, but I'm equally enamored of the rest of the Trek universe, just haven't gotten around to doing much about it yet. And now that I've joined the Alt.Startrek.Creative Archive Team, who the heck knows when that'll be...but hope springs eternal.

As for The X-Files, I was hooked very early on (I think Ice was what did it). I haven't written much in this universe, but you never know.

Thanks and hugs to all the friends I've made through both X and Trek, especially the amazing ladies of the DDEB2 -- whoda thunk the party would last three years and still be going strong? -- and the the men and women of PTFever, long may the RDM/RD flag wave.

Feedback is devoutly wished for! Please email me at redshoes@ix.netcom.com or use the feedback form at the bottom of the page!

Please pardon any broken links as I update this page.

X-Files Fiction

Star Trek TOS Fiction

Star Trek Voyager Fiction

I've never had a story muse perching on my shoulder before, but for some reason I've been seized by the creative impulse and have been writing, writing, writing since June. Below you'll see the results -- and there's more to come. Sheesh, I've got at least three other stories in the works right now...
Letters from the Delta Quadrant -- Although I've watched Voyager off and on since its debut, I only became immersed in it in the latter half of the third season. At that time, I rewatched the first half dozen or so episodes from Season One, and found myself intrigued by the premise of Eye of the Needle. I began wondering what kind of messages the crew would have sent via the Romulan commander Telek R'Mor. Thus was this story born!

Letters from the DQ is dedicated to Perri, who gave me my first introduction to Voyager fanfic and for lighting the Parisian spark, and to Melody, Tiz, Pam and Cathie for fanning the flames. Kung Pao, baby!

Voyager Fan Fiction by Others

I'm really pleased to be able to offer the following stories written by friends of mine who, for professional reasons, wish to remain anonymous. This is top-quality stuff, some of the best I've ever read. And now I have evidence: Not only did two of these stories win 1997 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Awards for Best P/T Story and Best J/C Story, but Captain Jinx won the Golden O for Best ASCEM(L) Author! Enjoy!


Here are some of my favorite fanfic sites. (By the way, NEW means it's new to my page, not necessarily that it's a new page. Though it might be. Oh, never mind.) And some cool places to check out:

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