Well, needless to say you've found the way into my inner most thoughts, (which was of course by clicking on my frontal lobe).  Thank God for the internet, most people try to open my head up with a screw-driver or a broken beer bottle.   You can read my official resumé by clicking my name.   As for navigating through my site, I suggest not using the back button so much but rather the return links at the bottom of the page.   They're actually kind of fun... in a fun house sort of way.   You'll see what I mean.

As for what you'll find here, well this is where I'll put the stuff that you'd find on most homepages.  You know, a list of my hobbies, pictures of my family, my dog, links to my favorite Star Trek and porn sites, political views, answers to deep philosophical questions (yeah, He does shit in the woods) and a whole lot more.

You're probably going to want to bookmark this page and check back often since I'll be changing things around every six to seven minutes.   I really do have too much time on my hands.

If you take the time to read any of the scripts on the other pages, please drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think.   Of course if you're an agent, producer, or studio head don't bother reading them, just e-mail me and I'll have someone call and tell you how good they are.   ("It's not good until someone else says it's good?"--well, believe me I got plenty of people that will tell you I'm a swell writer... and not all of them have Alexander for a last name!)