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newIreland - Éire in the Summer of 2005

Death Valley Wild Flowers - the bloom in Death Valley, April 2005

Bishop Sunset - The view from the White Mountains looking west

Mono Lake - Sunset in the high Sierra

The Namib Desert - one of the driest and oldest deserts in the world

Okavango Delta - where time slows

Death Valley - the hottest place in the Western Hemisphere, Death Valley is 'good for the soul'

Lake Turkana - the 'jade sea' and a good place to find old bones, tucked away in northern Kenya

Southern Utah - stunning rock formations in the high desert on the Colorado Plateau

Bristlecone Pines - the oldest living things on the planet

Bodie - well-preserved ghost town in the eastern Sierras left in a state of 'arrested decay'

Acadia National Park - soothing islands off the coast of Maine

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Montana Del Oro, California












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