Steve's VW Page 2

What's Going on in the Garage!
#1 Heater Box Restoration

These Photos are of the Right Hand Heater Box which is almost completely restored. The parts that I need to restore the Left Hand Heater Box are shown in the first picture. I need 3 ea. of the strap / pin assemblies (assy. includes strap, pin and socket), and 1 ea. of the Bottom Rock Guards. I have all of the rest of the parts to complete the job. The close-up just shows the detail of the strap / pin assembly. The heater boxes were completely disassembled, degreased, bead blasted, the painted with 3 coats of high temp engine enamel, The same process was done to the rock guards and straps. The blankets were degreased and very carefully cleaned and recoated. The first heater box has gone fairly good so far, and I sure would like to find the rest of the parts to complete the second heater box. If anyone has any of these parts laying around, and can part with them, please drop me a message at Thanks.

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