Most of you probrely already know that the "Wacky Packages" were made and printed by the ToppsŪ company. The first printing of the Wacky Packages happened around 1967. This first issue was called Wacky Packages ( now called the die cut issue ). It was not that big of a success unfortunately and Topps put its Wacky Packages on hold for a little bit.

The second try at printing and making Wacky Packages a success was tried in 1969 with the Wacky Ads. And again this series had a limited success and Topps again put the project on the back burner. But there was something on the horizon.

This time Topps was going to get the Wacky Packages off of the ground. Marketing and been done, Test markets had been tried and Topps new they had it right this time. And boy did they. They released the 1974 series 1 Wacky Packages. It was a little slow to move at first but Topps had a plan. They were going to release a new series every quarter so that they could keep the interest high in collectors and the children who were the target audience. In fact it worked so well that Topps out sold there baseball card in gross profits.

The Wacky Packages Did exceeding well and would continue to do so for several years and 16 series. And that like it started they were gone.

I know tat my history is brief and may not be complete, but if you have any history to add or would like to correct anything I have said please let me know and I will be very happy to include it on my page.



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