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The battle of comdey has begun!!!!!

Hear ye hear ye!!!!! I need help, Which one of these two is funnier. Please write to me below so that I can settle this question once and for all. Please help.


Please no bad language.
Also if you have a certian fact please state it with facts. Not just
Well he said "This is an x-parrot!!!!" and that cracked me up.
Please say, On "Dead Parrot Society" he said "This is an x-parrot!!!!" and that cracked me up.

The Prize

Well, If you come up with some good answers... I might just put them up here so that all of the world knows YOUR opinon.



Please click on only one of the three choices


  Hey people!!! Anyone who has wrote in this page is supposed to known very much of both 'teams', huh?? I think I'm the exception..
I only know 'em by films as " A night a the opera" &  "Brian's Life", etc...
It's hard for me to say which one's better... I rather in color, but it doesn't really matter if it is in Black & White..
Films titles are difficult to translate: I've seen "Sopa de Ganso (this is  something as Duck Soup)", A night at the opera, "Una tarde en las carreras (A evening at the races, I guess)... And so on of the Marx.
Monty Python's films aren't so harder: Brian's Life, The Meaning of Life, Los caballeros de la tabla cuadrada (I think -yeah, I really sometimes think :-)- it is The quest for the Holy Grial), and some series at the TV...
 I prefer both of them... Groucho it's a genius, and John Cleese too, but I can't imagine Groucho acting in films as The quest for the Holy Grail, and, of course, I can't imagine too to Cleese doing A night at the opera.
That's all, I think it's so hard to prefer someone (It's like deciding between Mr.Bean and Jim Carrey, huh??) to the other, so, i'll take both of them (but I think U knew this ;-)  )
C U....


 That's a hard one!!  I must take the impartial position on this one and say that they are both great!!  I suppose I'm more of a Monty Puthon fan at heart (I grew up watching them), but it is hard to try and downplay the brilliance of the Marx brothers!!
 The biggest problems in trying to compare the two groups are the time difference between them (two completely different eras in the entertainment industry) and their differing styles of comedy.  Monty python is unmatched in the realms of slapstick.... with their ability to take totally pointless and dry dialogue and make it hilarious.  Yet, the Marx brothers presented a "coolness" on camera that was unseen during their day!!



It is very hard for me to be able to say who is better, because I have not been hearing Monty Python for very long. I agree that the Marx Brothers have a certain talent for more intelligent comedy than Monty Python. However, the stupidness of Python's jokes is what really makes me laugh. I don't know how I can love Eric the Half a Bee when the skit makes no sense at all, but I can't resist. I am by now strangely addicted to the Henry Kissinger song and Pet Shop and Argument Clinic. But I always have and always will love the Marx Brothers, and would never be able to say that anyone could ever top their genius.

I say that it is too close to a tie to be called anything else.

from: muedb1@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu


Wow! What a decision. Let's see... The first Marx brothers movies captured a side of comedy that no one else has really been able to duplicate. Also, Harpo Marx, IMHO, was the funniest man who ever lived. I highly recommend his autobiography "Harpo Speak s!" to anyone who seeks great insight on Harpo. To the Python's credit, they wrote most of their own material, where as the Marx's would just add their own brilliant ad-lib to a pre-existing script. The Pythons also had far better integrity throughout the ir career and even set a legal precedent for "intellectual property" over their legal dispute with ABC (I think it was ABC). However, recently I was fortunate enough to witness "Duck Soup" on the big screen here at the University. It definetely influenced my vote. The Python's were a brilliant and definetely a ground breaking troupe, but nothing is funnier than Harpo chasing women around, honking that trademark horn!

from: Halldm@algorithms.com


Aughhhhhhhh!!! There is entirely no comparison between the two!! Don't get me wrong, I like Monty Pithon, but they pale in comparison to the ever great Marx Brothers! The Marx Brothers are eternaly filled with wit; every line is hysterical roll-around-on-the-floor funny!! The greatest line from Groucho had to be his co me back in HORSEFEATHERS, when the girl he is with on the canoe starts whining: "If Ichy girl doesn't stop talking like that, big strong man is going to kick all her teeth right down her throat!" That's totaly classic! How could anyone beat a line like that???? This case is closed!! from: jdeadline@aol.com message: I once told a friend that if you are going to steal a joke, make sure it's old enough that our generation won't know where it came from. Personally, I steal material from both these groups. As someone who has spent a lifetime in radio and comedy, I truly appreciate the accomplishments of not only these two groups, but the Lil' Rascals, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and so on. To ask who is better is like arguing who is the greatest baseball or basketball player. That's why they have hall of fames. Don't compare. Just kick back, make some popcorn, and appreciate what both teams had to offer. Cutting edge word play with excellent physical comedy. No more, no less.

======================================================= Andy Caskanette e-mail: caskanet@ionline.net =======================================================

I may not have seen much of the Marx Brothers, but I don't think I will ever see a better sketch comedy group than Monty Python. Reasons:

John Cleese: has no shyness whatsoever and can act crazier than any other person I've seen on TV. Example: The banana sketch where he teaches a class how to disarm a man attacking you with a banana.

Eric Idle: There are only 2 people that can even come close to ranting as well as him: Dennis Leary and Boomhauer from "King of the Hill".

Michael Palin: has the charm needed to pull off such sketches as "BLACKMAIL" and "The Barber Shop".

Graham Chapman: I have never seen a more creative comedy writer and I don't think I ever will. He and Cleese will never be surpassed.

Terry Gilliam: anybody that can do all the animations that he did and still have a creative enough mind to produce a movie as good as "Twelve Monkeys" deserves to be recognized.

International Appeal: What other sketch group has done a whole episode in German; spoken easily more than 7 different languages in all their different sketches; had a special based on a Jew ("Life of Brian"); a movie based on a fictional English Hero ("M. P. and the Holy Grail"); and made a sketch on a Hungarian-English dictionary gone wrong?

Monty Python has so much good material and humour, that they will, in my eyes, never be matched by any one ever: not now or in the future.

Sorry if this offends any Marx Brothers fans, Andy C.

P.S. Canadians all over love the Lumberjack song, and so do I!

from: needmunee@aol.com


Both of these are truly comic juggernauts, and both did put out the heavy comic artillery...The Marx Brothers though were the true classics. The point here is that their comedy was not only funny, but clean which is true comedy. Colleagues of the greats such as the queen of comedy Lucille Ball, they had not the need to employ overt sex humor/dirty jokes, or any of the other cheap types of humor much overused today; rather, they had all sorts of cards played in high brow comedy and visual comedy with finn esse. Monty Python, though great as well, employs the sort of inside joke style as well as cheap dirty humor much to the censure of censors. Though insanely funny, they pale in comparison to the classic humor of the Brothers Marx.


"We are the knights who say NI!" is the best line that was ever written, I mean do you sicerrly think that the Marx Brothers could come up with something that stomach aching hillarious? "No" you say, well my friend that is the correct answer my friend, you passed the test. The Marx brothers may have been a dominat source or inspiration for the knights who say NI but eventually all those who start something do it to long and fall under the poser theory of entertainment. This theory has been thought of a nd conceived by some of the foremost authorities on the subject. We can see this theory at work by people like Metallic, Arrowsmith, Offspring, and The Marx Brothers. So by seeing this theory in work it is almost as irrefudible as Einstien's Theory of relativity . Plus based on a poll of 100 people on the street that I asked that had seen the Marx Brothers and Monty Python 89% said Monty Python was funnier so I have proven a point to you both statistically and scientifcly. Therefore we see that Monty Pyton is the funniest of the two cannidates. Thank you for your time and space.


from: rswindler@juno.com


The question is moot. Both groups represent the pinnacle (or was that pinocle) of their art. To make the comparison is to try to decide between the Wright brothers and NASA as aircraft designers. Everyone stands on the shoulders of those that came before. We should just be grateful that can share such a discussion, imagine what the skit comedy must have been like during Shakespere's time. As a mater of fact, think of how his comedies might have been played, certainly not the stilted versions we endure.


from: ameni2@aol.com


It is very hard for me to be able to say who is better, because I have not been hearing Monty Python for very long. I agree that the Marx Brothers have a certain talent for more intelligent comedy than Monty Python. However, the stupidness of Python's jokes is what really makes me laugh. I don't know how I can love Eric the Half a Bee when the skit makes no sense at all, but I can't resist. I am by now strangely addicted to the Henry Kissinger song and Pet Shop and Argument Clinic. But I always have and always will love the Marx Brothers, and would never be able to say that anyone could ever top their genius.

I say that it is too close to a tie to be called anything else.

from: scs009@pop.connect.more.net.


This is a question that begs for a fight. You are trying to compare two eras, both contrastly different, but both with the ability to make the young and old laugh. Where as Monty Python is more of adult humor, I am still able to draw from their skills as Historians or at least their research for their movies. The M-Brothers, classics among classics, are the rare group that can make even the hardened "Harley" rider laugh as well as your local nun. Should a comparision be drawn it might be drawn betwee n The 3 stooges and the M-brothers and on the other end Monty Python vs. the Original Saturday Night live.

from: purdey@club-internet.fr


Marx Brother's are better, because you find min 5 genius in one family They have had so many troubles and problems and still have a good word for each occasion (report to Groucho). And they was first. But even if me could compare this two kind of comic, Monthy Python are so good. Perhaps we can't at all compare them. Only appreciate that men like them have done something for us.

Valérie - Paris in France

from: Guest@sailor.lib.md.us


Marx brothers, by FAR! They changed the face of comedy for years to come! They were so inventive, in fact, that in the scripts they would only say "Harpo does something" and he would make something up on the spot. Monty Python is good, but all of the fun ny bits (except for Lumberjack" are on the complete waste of time CD. (though Nudge-Nudge is as funny as the mirror scene in Duck Soup.) Plus, how can you top the scene in Duck Soup which goes... "on Monday we no follow him. Tuesay, wego to a ballgame, bu t he fool us, he no show. Wednsday, He go to the ball ame but we fool him, we no show. Thursday was a doubleheader. Nobody show. Friday it rained, no ballgame. So we go home and listen to it on the radio." The scene goes on with Harpo cutting things up, etc.

from: krslke@aztec-net.com


The Marx Brothers are great in thier own right, but, the Monty Python troop brought the theatre of the absurd to a higher level. It is incredible that they could manage to leave so many sketches without a conclusion, and still produce a running story, as well as being extremely humourous. The Monty Python gang deserve all the accalaides they can get. However, they must also attribute some of their divine inspiration to their roots, namely the also great Marx Brothers.

from: carpenm@lbcc.cc.or.us


I would have to say that the Marx Brothers were slightly better than Monty Python. I have been a fan of the Marx Brothers for a while, and have only been watching Monty Python for a little under a year. While Python does have its hilarious moments, like the stoning scene in "Life of Brian", or the French castle in "Holy Grail", the one thing they don't have is Groucho. I remember in one movie (I think it was "The Coconuts", but I'm not sure), Groucho and the boys stowed away on a luxury liner. When they got to port, they didn't have any pass- ports, so they swiped one off of a passenger. After that, Groucho used it, and gave it to Chico over a barricade. Chico used the passport and passed it back to Harpo. Harpo used it and passed it back to Zeppo. They each used the same excuse (except Harpo, of course, being mute): bad photograph. It was fun just to watch them work it out.

from: neumann@stolaf.edu


Personally, I am more familiar with Python's stuff. But I have also seen a bunch of the Marx Brothers. (Mostly courtesy of my good friend, Ken Schultz. Thank you, Ken.) But familiarity does not neccesarily mean preference. I think that Ken had some good points, that the Marxes were just funny! I mean, themselves! Groucho was always the same sort of sarcastic, at times lewd, character. Chico was always the same sort of character. Harpo always had his horn, and whatever else that mysterious coat o f his held. (I've gotta get me one of those!..) So the Marxes played these "stereotyped" roles to the hilt! And always found ways of using them to the best advantage in any given scenario. The Pythons, on the other hand, did more with the material its elf. Each member of the troupe played, throught their career, hundreds of vastly different characters. The emphasis was less on the individual actors than the idea/personage/fish/whathaveyou they were satirizing. So, both groups depended on a different style of approaching comedy, and each succeeded in making people laugh, which, in the end, is really the point. Incidentally, the only real thing that I would say in support of Python being "better" is that they are more recent. Their topical humor and references to "current" events, even those in the 70's when they were mostly active, are still fresh in people's minds. The Marx's humor is a little dated, so they have a smaller following amongst the general populace. But taken each in their own conte xt, they are equally Great.

from: house4u@erols.com


I would have to favor Monty Python. Some might say that Python comes from the marx brothers, but python refined the marx brothers humor. Their shows had such clever writing and timing I would have to vote for python. I love the Marx Brothers as much as the next guy, but when I was younger I would watch python for hours, memorize their lines, and reccite them to myself to crack MYSELF up. Skits such as the "Lumberjack Song", the "Undertaker Sketch", and the culminating "Spanish Inquisicion"are classics , and always will be.

Keep up the good work :-) (Moose's note: Sorry I haven't been updateing this thing as ofthen as I would like but I'm trying on getting that fixed,)

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