Employment: I currently work at Wind River Systems, a company that makes a real-time multitasking operating system. I'm a Field Consulting Engineer, so I work on device drivers, board support packages, do training, answer questions, and visit customers. And work hard to keep what little sanity I have left.

Before that, I worked for eight years at Xerox, where I worked on the Xerox 4700 II Color Document Printer.If you press a magic keystroke on the keyboard on the machine, you'll see a marquee banner of all the engineers who worked on it. Go out and buy one. They're only around $45,000. :) More recently I worked on the N32 printer.

Software: I've written a few Macintosh programs, including O'Clock, Fly Swatter for MacOS 6-9 and Fly Swatter for Mac OS X. O'Clock is a clock that lives inside a real, live circular window on the Mac. Somewhat of a rarity. Fly Swatter is a cheesy game I wrote, in which you try to swat flies with the mouse cursor before they move on.

2004 by Victor Franco
Last updated 31 May 2004