Most recent updates

This page is a quick way to find links to things that have been updated most recently on my web site.

August 28, 2006:
Added BBQ IX 2006 web page page.

August 21, 2005:
Added BBQ VIII 2005 web page page.

March 12, 2005:
Fixed/updated link to Glider on Links page

November 25, 2004:
Added Denver to McDonald's page.
Updated Ariel and Gabriel page

September 4, 2004:
Fixed graphic link in President's Club 1999 page.

August 29, 2004:
Added BBQ VII 2004 web page page.
Quieted volume on Bio page.

July 23, 2004:
Moved Family page link to Links page.
Created Ariel and Gabriel page, added a link to my Home page.

May 31, 2004:
Reinstated Dodger Camp page.
Updated Bio page with links to O'Clock and Fly Swatter.

May 4, 2004:
Added Las Vegas to McDonald's page.

April 24, 2004:
Removed link to, as it seems the site is gone.

August 25, 2003:
Removed old Friends, Colorado Springs and Hawaii pages, to make room for other BBQ VI page.
Added BBQ VI 2003 page.

October 20, 2002:
Removed link to Dodger Camp page and references to O'Clock and Fly Swatter, as the .mac site expired.

September 1, 2002:
Added BBQ V 2002 page.
Removed Dean & Adrienne's going away party page.

June 23, 2002:
Updated Ari & Gabriel page.

December 25, 2001:
Here's a link to my Dodger Baseball Camp page.

August 28, 2001:
Added BBQ IV 2001 page.

August 6, 2001:
Added Dean and Adrienne's Going Away Party page.

July 21, 2001:
Added Recent Gabriel Photos page.

June 16, 2001:
Added Recent Ari Photos page.

June 9, 2001:
Added President's Club 1999 page.
Added Dean's family page.

April 26, 2001:
Removed Sadie the Wonderdog page, as she passed on.

February 11, 2001:
Added Colorado Springs page.

August 16, 2000:
Added BBQ III 2000 page.

June 10, 2000:
Added St. Thomas page page.

February 27, 2000:
Added Camelback hike page.
Updated Dean's entry on the Links page to point to more family photos with Ari.

February 5, 2000:
Added sound to Bio page.

December 15, 1999:
Added Ritz Carlton Visit page (semi-humorous).

August 31, 1999:
Added BBQ II 1999 page.

November 12, 1998:
Updated Bio page to reflect the fact that I'm now a Field Consulting Engineer at WRS.

August 23, 1998:
Removed WRS page, due to space constraints.
Added Sunbeam BBQ page.
Added a picture of Sadie to the Sadie page.

June 7, 1998:
Removed El Toro Air Show, Hydrobiking, and FAE Training pictures, due to space constraints.
Added Hawaii and McDonald's pages.

February 22, 1998:
Added pictures of FAE Training in Tahoe.

September 14, 1997:
Added picture of me and Kelvin on the El Toro Air Show page.
Added a picture of me and Kelvin post-biking on the Friends page.

September 10, 1997:
Added Hydrobiking page.

September 7, 1997:
Added picture of the tarantula with Anita on the Friends page.
Added a picture of Kelvin, me and Steve at the Dodger game to the Friends page.
Added a group picture of WRS folks in front of the Motorola building in Tempe, AZ. to my WRS page.

August 20, 1997:
Created the Wind River Systems page.

Last updated 28 August 2006