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EDWARDS of Casey Co. KY Origins

Finding the origins of the various Edwards families of Casey Co.KY has been challenging to say the least. It does seem quite odd that a few of these families settled in the same area and are not related in some way. So these families could be pieced together is why this page was created. It appears now that goal has been accomplished, with a few details that need to be filled in. Details are given only for the people who appear on Casey Co. KY records.

Info was found from existing records, in various counties, and a number of written family group histories and now DNA results. It now seems there were two different Edwards families in Casey Co. KY at the time of its formation.

Lincoln County KY Tax list info for 1806 and slightly before

  • At the formation of Casey Co. KY Isham and Hickman did not appear on the Lincoln Co. KY records I examined. In 1807 the following Edwards disappeared from the tax list. Lewis, Emery, Aaron and Ruth?. John, George, and Thomas remained on the Lincoln list.

    Casey Co. KY tax list

  • Aaron Edwards 1807-1815
  • Emery Edwards 1807-1829 (Variety of Spellings for Emery)
  • Hickman Edwards 1808-1809,1814-1829 possible War of 1812 Vet
  • Isham Edwards 1807-1829
  • Langhorn Edwards 1811-1829 not listed every year
  • William Edwards 1811-1829 in 1824 Sr. and Jr. listed
  • The names Lewis Edwards and John Edwards appear in some years.
  • The Grantor index did reveal the wives names: Aaron/Polly Edwards, Isham/Margaret, Hickman/Elizabeth, Emery/Martha, Emery/Sally, and Langhorn/Nancy.

    1. The family of Isham Edwards Sr. (b. 1755 Halifax Co. VA d. 1828 Patrick Co. VA) Family, This is my line

    Isham Sr. and other relatives migrated to Casey Co. KY by the 1807 Casey Co. KY tax list. They were not on the 1806 Lincoln Co. KY tax list. He was accompanied by son-in-laws William King and Cary Hardwick as well as some uncles, nephews and cousins. These families would settle in different places. Then on the next migration, these families would start from these different areas and arrive at the new location together. So for the purpose of this page, it will focus on the time spent and records created in Casey County KY. Among the surnames Buford, Cochran/Cochoran(and many et.al.) Edwards, Grogan, Pedigo, Storm. Isham Edwards Sr. did not leave a will, so these are the known children as listed from other sources. Sometime between the 1810 and 1820 Cesnus Sr. returned to Franklin Co. VA and son Isham Jr. moved to Casey Co. KY. By the early 1830s, Isham Jr. with all his unmarried children left Casey Co.KY and moved west. Isham Jr. may have left a as of yet unknown married daughter behind. Son Brice Edwards never left Franklin Co. VA. Only son Hickman left children in Casey Co. KY .

    2. The family of Arch Edwards, Archer, Archibald, Archeleous

    On Langhorn Edwards death record an Arch Edwards is listed as his father. Another reseacher states the all the Edwards listed on the 1807 Casey Co. KY tax lists were related, except Isham Edwards Sr.

    Later Edwards, unknown if they are related to the other two groups

    3. Elijah Edwards Family

    4. Jacob Frazier Edwards family

    5. William Edwards family

    6. Frances Elizabeth (Edwards) Fair family


  • This Migration to Casey County KY were this family of NIGNTENGALES, not the LANHAMS. One daughter, Catherine, was the widow of Greenberry Lanham. It would appear she returned to her family after the death of her husband.

    Matthew Nightingale Family

    Benedict Lanham Family

  • Oral tradition states Rev War Vet Greenberry Lanham's father was Ben Dick Lanham. This name not likely at the time, but is Benedict Lanham probably the acutal name. Nothing more is known of Benedict.

    Unlinked Lanhams

    John Lanham Family

    William Lanham Family

    Source Materials

    Casey Co. KY Lanham Marriages
    1. Amanda Lanham-McClellan Earles 23Feb1886
    2. Bettie A. Lanham-Wm. P. Estes 29Dec1887
    3. Catherine Lanham-Davy Cox 12Dec1854
    4. Catherine Lanham-Moses Bell 3Aug1874
    5. Eliza R. Lanham-Isaac P. Cochran 16Mar1857
    6. Elizabeth Lanham-John Rodgers 31May1850
    7. Elizabeth Lanham-George Cochran 13Apr1862
    8. Elizabeth Lanham-Jackson Lanham 12Feb1865: Widow of Pleasant Lanham and Son of Greenberry and Catherine (Nightengale) Lanham. Jackson also the brother of Pleasant.
    9. Elvadie Lanham-H.L. Gifford 13Jan1887
    10. Emily Lanham-Hardin E. Lane 8Jul1888
    11. Emma Lanham-Wm. F. Russell 2Aug1892
    12. Julia A. Lanham-William V. Nevine 1Sep1861
    13. Lucy Lanham-George Brock 8Mar1838
    14. Lucy Lanham-George G. Murphy Apr1859
    15. Lucy Lanham-Elijah N. Decker 1Oct1859
    16. Martha F. Lanha(m)-Talbot(Tolbert) Edwards 5Feb1857:Daughter of A. Jackson and Polly (Lowe) Lanham, son of Joseph B. and Ellender (Branson) Edwards. Source: Martha F. (Lanham) Edwards Death Certificate.
    17. Patsey/Martha J. Lanham-William S. Luster 24Dec1858 :Daughter of Robert Lanham and Mary Ann (Gifford) Lanham Source: Census
    18. Patsey/Martha P. Lanham-George A. Gibbons 12Mar1866: Daughter of Greenberry Lanham and Nancy Ann (Davis) Lanham. Source Census
    19. Mary Ann Lanham-William Cochran 23Apr1865
    20. Mary E. Lanham-James F. Hill 20Jun1861
    21. Mary Jane Lanham-Edmond Lucas 8Nov1854
    22. *Note* Current information show all three of these Marys to be Jackson Lanham's descendants, two daughters and one granddaughter. I think this will have to be reexamined.
    23. Nancy W. Lanham-Thomas Sluder 27Mar1895
    24. Sarah F. Lanham-Stanley F. Edwards (Stanton P. Edwards)10Sep1850
    25. Sally J. Lanham-John W. Murphy Mar1859
    26. Sally F. Lanham-Robert F. Elder 5Mar1865
    27. Vina E. Lanham-Eber Lee Jones 3Jul1890
    1. Albert Lanham-Amanda Cox 15Mar1867
    2. Albert Lanham-Minerva Camden 24Sep1869
    3. Albert Lanham-Martha Goodwin 20Jan1891
    4. Ancil Lanham-Susan Davenport 1Dec1864
    5. C.C. Lanham-Sally Ann Rodgers 9Jul1874
    6. C.C. Lanham-Mandy Hall 2Dec1892
    7. Christopher Lanham-Marietta Carpender 21Dec1881
    8. Elijah Lanham-Mary E. Frederick 27Sep1894
    9. Elsie L. Lanham-Isabelle Short 30Nov1895
    10. F.L. Lanham-Sophia B. Brown 21Apr1881
    11. Frank B. Lanham-Martha E. Duncan 27Jun1896
    12. Frank M. Lanham-Ellen Turpin 1Apr1880
    13. George Lanham-Savana Parker 5Aug1861
    14. Greenberry Lanham-Nancy Ann Davis 4Oct1839: Son of Pleasant Lanham and Elizabeth (Goodman) Lanham Lanham, Source the Census and Andrew Jackson Lanham's War of 1812 file.
    15. Jackson Lanham-Polly Lowe 3Jun1821 Son of Greenberry and Catherine (Nightengale) Lanham, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mason) Lowe. Sources: Andrew Jackson (John) Lanham's War of 1812 File and Greenberry Lanham's Revolutionary War file.
    16. Jackson Lanham-Elizabeth Lanham 12Feb1865: Son of Greenberry and Catherine (Nightengale) Lanham, widow of Pleasant Lanham also son of Greenberry and Catherine (Nightengale) Lanham. Source: Andrew Jackson (John) Lanham's War of 1812 file and Greenberry Lanham's Revolutionary War file.
    17. John Lanham-Jane Evans 25May1849
    18. John Lanham-Mary J. Gifford 28Jan1868
    19. Louis R. Lanham- Viola F. Lane 30Nov1895
    20. Matthew Lanham-Kiziah McDonald 13Dec1831: Son of Greenberry and Catherine (Nightengale) Lanham. Source Greeberry Lanham's Revolutionary War file.
    21. Robert Lanham-Mary Ann Gifford 24Dec1839
    22. Robert Lanham-Artemena McWhorter 21Dec1865
    23. Robert Lanham-Rutha J. Lawson 16Jan1867
    24. William C. Lanham-Luvinda J. Martin 13Oct1859
    25. Willis G. Lanham-Mary Goodman 28Sep1892


    Thomas Lowe and Elizabeth Betsy (Mason) Lowe Family

    Jesse Lowe and Susannah (?) Lowe Family

    Elizabeth (?) Lowe and unknown husband Family

    Unlinked early Lincoln Co.KY Lowe Families

    Casey Co. KY Lowe Marriages
    1. Amanda W. Lowe-George M. Eads 13Jan1880
    2. E. Lowe-F.P. Martin 3Aug1853
    3. Eliza Lowe-Bennett Lynn 26Aug1826
    4. Lew Bell Lowe-Benjamin Woodrum 6Sep1881
    5. Polly Lowe-Jackson Lanham 3Jun1821 Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Mason) Lowe, Son of Greenberry and Catherine (Nightengale) Lanham.
    6. Mary E. Lowe-William H. Smith 13Nov1873
    7. Rachael Lowe-Reed Lynn 16Sep1834
    8. Sally Lowe-Richard Conner 21Jul1861. Sarah Margaret (Lynn) Lowe Conner, widow of James Thomas Lowe. He the son of Thomas Lowe and Elizabeth (Mason) Lowe.
    9. Sofrona Low-Henry Smith 12Jul1890
    1. Davis C. Lowe-Malinda Melton 15Jan1869
    2. Ezra M(orrison). Lowe-Sarah Oliver 29Aug1833 Son of Thomas Lowe and Elizabeth/Betsy (Mason) Lowe. Daughter of Isaac Oliver and Margaret/Peggy (Fagg) Oliver
    3. (Alvin) James Lowe-Louisa McGlothlin 7Jul1839. Son of Thomas Lowe and Elizabeth/Betsy (Mason) Lowe. Daughter of Thomas McGlothlin and Sarah (Peyton) McGlothin
    4. Obediah Lowe-Lucy Tucker 21Jul1852
    5. (William) Thomas Lowe-Ann Eliza Edwards 5Mar1882 Son of Thomas James Lowe and Sarah Margaret (Lynn) Lowe Conner. Daughter of Stanton P. Edwards and Sarah (Lanham) Edwards.


    William Mason Family

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