Stephen Bartholomew "Tholet" Lee

Also refered to in official documents as: B. Lee, Bartholet Lee, and Tholet Lee

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    Stephen Bartholomew/Tholet Lee born in Fentress Co. TN was raised in the household of his mother and step-father Daniel Fulton. He moved to Casey Co. KY with the daughter from his first marriage, his second wife and her mother and brothers to Casey Co. KY.

    Tholet's First Family

    m1(abt 1876 Fentress Co. TN, divorced 01Apr1880 Fentress Co. TN)Catherine (COOPER) LEE

    Their Children

    1. Infant Son

    2. Lovernia (LEE) THOMAS (b. May1876 Fentress Co. TN d. 1900-1940) m. (25Aug1895 Casey Co. KY)William O. "Ike" THOMAS(b. 05Nov1863 KY d. 02Mar1902) If this is the same one buried in Thomastown Cemetery Casey Co. KY. They had three children 1. Mary/Mollie(b. Mar1897 Casey CO. KY d.?), 2. Robert L. (b. May1899 Casey Co. KY d.?), 3. Isay (b. after 1900 d.?)

    Tholet's Second Family

    m2 (Apr1880 Fentress Co. TN)Sarah E. (MULLINIX) LEE(b. 31Jan1862 Fentress Co. TN d. 26Jan1917 Riffe Creek, Casey Co. KY)daughter of Nathanial MULLINIX(b. 1835 Fentress Co. TN d. 15Jan1864 Confederate POW Hospital, Henrico Co. VA) m.(16Dec1855 Fentress Co. TN)Mary/Polly (COBB) MULLINIX(b. 17Aug1838 Fentress Co. TN d. 14Jan1908 Casey Co. KY)

    Their Children

    1. Mary V. LEE(b. 12Apr1881 Casey Co. KY d. 06May1881 Casey Co. KY)

    2. Lewler L. LEE(b. 14apr1882 Casey Co. KY d.14Jul1882 Casey Co. KY)

    3. Albert Harrison LEE(b. 08Apr1883 Casey Co. KY d. 27Jun1943 Casey Co. KY) m1(25Nov1904 Casey Co. KY)Mary (BREEDING) LEE(b. 01Aug1882 d. 25Oct1913 Casey Co. KY) Daughter of James Breeding and Queen? (Thomas) Breeding m2(15Oct1914 Casey Co. KY)Polly Ann (ATWOOD) LEE(b.11Jan1883 Casey Co. KY d.01Nov1962 Casey Co. KY) daughter of Calvin Franklin ATWOOD and Mary Katherine (EDWARDS) ATWOOD

    4. Fannie Jane (LEE) DAUGHERTY/DAUGHRITY(b. 20Apr1885 Casey Co. KY d. 19May1951 OK) m.(13Oct1907 Casey Co. KY)Ivan or Evan DAUGHERTY/DAUGHRITY(b. 1881 KY d. 1964 OK)

    5. William Bradley LEE(b.12Jun1887 Casey Co. KY d. 11May1957) m. (27Feb1910 Casey Co. KY)Effie (CLEMENTS) LEE(b.25Mar1890 KY d.05Jul1974)

    6. Samuel Logan LEE(b.10Jan1889 Casey Co. KY d.05Apr1963 Casey Co. KY) m.(29Jul1911 Casey Co. KY)Linnie (OVERSTREET) LEE(b.23Jun1893 d.21Apr1971)Daughter of Mose OVERSTREET(b.12Jan1859 d. 22Oct1921) and Emma (RICHARDS) OVERSTREET

    7. Marion Lafayette LEE(b.07Jan1891 Casey Co. KY d.12Jun1967 Fayette Co. KY) m.Margaret Mae (ANTLE) LEE(b. 26Feb1895 d. 22May1971)

    8. Hattie Ollie (LEE) OVERSTREET(b.27Apr1893 Casey Co. KY d.14Feb1968 Boyle Co. KY) m.(14Jun1914 Casey Co. KY)Clarence Dudley OVERSTREET(b.03May1891 Casey Co. KY d.04Nov1975 Boyle Co. KY) Son ofMose OVERSTREET(b.12Jan1859 d. 22Oct1921) and Emma (RICHARDS) OVERSTREET

    9. Gertrude Mae (LEE) ATWOOD(b.25Dec1894 Casey Co. KY d. 19Aug1956 Boyle Co. KY) m. (15Jun1913 Casey Co. KY)Charles Franklin ATWOOD(b.05Apr1894 Casey Co. KY d.12Dec1942 OH) son of Franklin ATWOOD(b.06Oct1855 d. 14Jun1925) and m.(06Nov1879 Casey Co. KY)Sally Jane (SANDUSKY) ATWOOD(b.05Aug1855 d. 25Jun1934)

    10. Vina Matilda (LEE) WILKINSON(b. 16Aug1897 Casey Co. KY d. 16May1960) m.(26Sep1914 Casey Co. KY)Thomas Jefferson WILKINSON

    11. Herbert Tholet LEE(b. 13Feb1901 Casey Co. KY d. 14Aug1945 IN) m. (13Feb1923)Nancy Jane (WRIGHT) LEE(b. 09May1903 d. 30Dec1964)

      Tholet's Third Family

      m3 (1922 Casey Co. KY)Rebecca (DERRINGER) LEE SAPP(b.02JUN1893 KY d. 04OCT1974 Casey Co. KY) daughter of John DERRINGER and Sarah (SANDERS) DERRINGER

      Their Children

      1. Her daughter: Iris (?) Morgan

      2. Virgie Mae (LEE)(b.02Dec1923 Casey Co. KY d.?)

      3. Sarah Ellen (LEE)(b. 20Oct1924 Casey Co. KY d.?)

      4. Willis Paul LEE(b. 08Nov1926 Casey Co. KY d. 23Sep1993 Casey Co, KY)

      5. Edna Fay (LEE)(b. 26Aug1928 Casey Co. KY d. 06Mar1975)

      6. Tholet Wesley LEE(b. 30Nov1930 Casey Co. KY d. 02Oct2005 Casey Co. KY)

      7. Her son with Sam Sapp: Jonathan "Johnnie" Edgar Sapp(b. 06AUG1936 Casey Co. KY d. 09NOV1984 Casey Co. KY)

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