Dodger Baseball Camp 11/01
Here is a very self-serving page to commemorate the great experience I had at the Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp in November 2001.

At my locker

Maury is the pitcher, I'm supposed to yell when to go on a steal.

Taking infield

Man, I wish they had smaller bats!

My only extra-base hit (a double).

The "Play of the Day" award,when it was still in one piece...

All five fans cheer us on.

Hey, the ball actually isn't in the catcher's mitt, for once!

If I can inspire just one youth...

The coveted Mr. Potato Head award, given during the Western BBQ.

Campers vs. Coachs. The only way I was going to get on was by bunting...

... and it actually worked!

3rd place in the Pop-up catching contest, with Reggie Smith

Maury presented each team member with our 1st place trophy.

Play of the Day turned into Play of the Week, amazingly. With Guy Wellman.

The three best base stealers Dodgertown ever saw, Maury, Davey and me. :)

With the coaches.

Our team, Great Falls, (which won 1st place, incidentally) with the coaches.

The bounty.