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It chimes every 15 minutes, and counts out the hours at the top of the hour. Aside from the Telechron drive motor, the works was made by Revere, in Cincinnati, OH. It says: "Telechron Motored" on it along with "General Electric", "Revere" appearing only on the movement itself.

Modern self setting clocks (WWVB controlled)

The clock showing 2:34 is a Lacrosse Technology WT-8029, settable to 24 hr UTC zulu time, useful to ham radio operators.

Modify a Telechron clock to operate off 240V 60Hz:
A "wall wart digital clock". Use it in the kitchen in an outlet just above the countertop. Or in your workbench, when you want to know the time. As you can easily guess, it was a generic digital alarm clock that I relocated the display on, and used a plug salvaged from a cell phone charger on its new back.

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