My patents

When you apply for a patent, be sure you are asking for a "utility patent", NOT a "design patent". A patent on something like the transistor would be a utility patent. What people usually think of when they hear the word "patent" is really a utility patent. A design patent is little more than a copyright or trademark. The Coca Cola bottle would be a design patent. It just keeps competitors from putting their soda pop in bottles that look just like Coke's. Change the shape a little and then there's no infringement.

All these have been assigned to various companies I worked for, but I still get bragging rights!


Frequency locking system using sound intermediate frequency carrier in a television signal #5,416,527

Ghost Signal Cancellation System for Television Signals #5,386,243 *

A Television Receiver That Includes a Frame Store Using Non-interlaced Scanning Format With Motion Compensation #4,598,309

Video Signal Motion Detector Apparatus #4,651,211 *

An Image Transition Detector #4,656,501 *

Progressive Scan Processor Employing Interpolation in Luminance Channel Controlled by a Motion Signal and a Vertical Detail Representative Signal #4,672,445 *

Progressive Scan Display System Having Intra-field and Inter-field Processing Modes #4,698,675

Digital Threshold Detector With Hysteresis #4,700,365

Chrominance Signal Frequency Converter as for a Pix-in-pix Television Receiver #4,712,130

An Interlace Inversion Detector for a Picture in Picture Video Signal Generator #4,724,487

Raster Distortion Correction Circuit #4,730,216 *

An Interlace Inversion Corrector for a Picture in Picture Video Signal Generator #4,811,103

A Picture in Picture Video Signal Generator #4,839,728

* joint applications