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El Centro College History Department Presents:

History 1302 Helper

This Day in History

Directions: Click on the topic or chapter that you or studying. Each of these topics and chapters have links appropriate for the study of History 1302.

ONLINE STUDENTS: indicates recommended sites for your required Internet Worksheets.

LIVE CLASS STUDENTS: indicates required reading for alternative textbook.


General 20th Century Resources
20th Century America
Labor History
African-Americans in the 20th Century
The Southwest in the 20th Century - An Internet Exercise
American History 102
American Presidents: Life Portraits
The Time (Magazine) 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century
Peoples' Century (PBS)
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
100 Best of the Century - African Descent
The Top 100 This and Thats of the 20th Century
CNN Video Almanac 1980-1997

History 1302 Exercises Online
Texas in the 20th Century
1930s WebQuest
As the Century Turns - A Docudrama
Since 1975  
National Archives
Why Do Civilizations Fall Internet Exercise
Using Historical Markers in the Classroom
Columbia Education Center - OFCN's Academy - Social Studies Exercises
How to Do Gravestone Rubbings

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