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General American Indian Resources on the Internet

Civil Rights Movement & Photos

American Indian Stories and Oral Traditions

Recent Publications by American Indians

American Indian Spiritualism & Religion

American Indian Games and Sports

American Indian Food

American Indian Genealogy

American Indian Maps

History 1301

History 1302 - American Indian Links
Geronimo, His Own Story
The Overland Trail Links - Plains Indians
Imaging and Imagining the Ghost Dance
Zitkala-Sa Images
Zitkala Sha
Sitting Bull
PBS Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Biography and Quotes
Sitting Bull In Memory
PBS Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Memorial
Ta' Shunke Witko (Crazy Horse)
George A. Custer
PBS George Custer
Sand Creek Massacre
Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Park
Sand Creek Massacre
Red Cloud's War
Red Cloud
Battle of Little Bighorn
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
Legends of America: Battle of Little Bighorn
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
The Dawes Act
Buffalo Soldiers and Indian Wars
Bob Marley singing Buffalo Soldiers with Video
Buffalo Soldiers National Museum
Indian Scouts - Wikipedia

Online Exercises for Teachers

Lecture Resources:
The First People of Texas
Texas Indians

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