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Texas in the 20th Century

Instructions: Send the answers to the following questions my e-mail. Each question includes a link to a page that provides the answer. This exercise is worth up to 50 points on your Final Exam or 6 bonus points.

  1. Progressive Era
    Who were Adella Kelsey Turner and Ella Isabelle Tucker?

  2. Progressive Era and beyond...
    In what military actions has the USS Texas been involved? Where is it now?

  3. Progressive Era
    Do you admire Minnie Fisher Cunningham?

  4. Progressive Era and beyond...
    Do you think Pancho Villa should be considered a hero for Mexican people? Explain. See this one, too.

  5. Progressive Era
    What was the role of the Partido Liberal Mexicano in Texas during the Mexican Revolution?

  6. 1900
    What was the worst natural disaster in U.S. History?

  7. 1901
    What new era began in Texas in 1901?

  8. 1902
    What new tax was implemented in Texas in 1902?

  9. 1903
    Who was Zelma Watson George?

  10. 1906
    How many years was Sam Rayburn elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?

  11. 1910
    Who was Major General Benjamin Delahauf Foulois, and what happened to him in 1980? Do you admire his accomplishments?

  12. 1910
    Who are "Soldaderas"?

  13. 1911
    Who was the "apostle of democracy" and why was he called this?

  14. 1911
    What was the Plan of Ayala?

  15. 1913
    Was Gregorio Cortez's pardon the right thing for the governor to do? Explain.

  16. 1913
    What was La Prensa?

  17. 1913
    For what crime was Jack Johnson of Texas convicted?

  18. 1917
    What was Scott Joplin's first hit song?

  19. 1917

  20. 1918
    What law dealing with Texas women passed in 1918?

  21. 1918
    Do you admire Annie Webb Blanton and why?

  22. World War I
    Name three military camps/bases in Texas during World War I.

  23. 1917
    Who was governor of Texas in 1917, what happened to him, and why?

  24. 1919
    Where was the headquarters of the Texas Anti-Saloon League, and what was it's purpose?

  25. 1920s...
    What was the Ku Klux Klan doing in Texas in the 1920s and why?

  26. 1920s
    Name two songs by Blind Lemon Jefferson.

  27. 1920
    How did prohibition affect Galveston?

  28. 1920
    Where was the first high school football team in Texas?

  29. 1923
    What was Katherine Ann Porter's first publication?

  30. 1923-25
    What happened regarding Texas Tech on February 10, 1923 and Fall, 1925?

  31. 1925
    Do you admire Miriam Ferguson and why?

  32. 1929
    What problems led to the founding of LULAC?

  33. 1929
    Who painted these, and do you like them? Why?

  34. 1930
    Who was "Dad" Joiner?

  35. 1930
    What Texan was known as "the father of Negro baseball"?

  36. 1930
    What college did Lyndon B. Johnson attend?

  37. 1930
    What was the Hall of Negro Life?

  38. 1932
    Who was Babe Didrickson?

  39. 1932

  40. 1939
    Who is Lee Trevino and where was he born?

  41. 1930s
    Where was actress Joan Crawford born?

  42. 1930s
    Do you think John Nance Garner was a good Vice President?

  43. 1930s
    In what towns were Bonnie & Clyde born?

  44. 1936
    What was the purpose of the Democratic Progressive Voters League?

  45. 1937
    What happened at the London Consolidated School Building in Rush County, Texas, March 18, 1937?

  46. 1930s
    According to the 1930 census, what percentage of Tejanos were middle class?

  47. 1940s
    Who was known as "The King of the Twelve-String Guitar"?

  48. World War II
    What was the Crystal City Internment Camp?

  49. World War II
    Were Texas troops heroic in World War II?

  50. World War II
    Do you admire Audie Murphy? Explain.

  51. World War II
    What did Oveta Culp Hobby do during World War II?

  52. World War II
    Where was Chester Nimitz born and why is he famous?

  53. 1941
    Do you admire Doris Miller? Explain.

  54. 1942
    What was the braceros program?

  55. 1943
    What happened in Beaumont on June 15-16, 1943, and why did it happen?

  56. 1947
    What happened in Texas City on April 16, 1947?

  57. 1948
    Why was the 1948 Senatorial Election in Texas controversial?

  58. 1948
    Who was Dr. Hector P. Garcia?

  59. 1948
    What is the American G I Forum of Texas?

  60. 1948
    Who was Felix Longoria?

  61. 1949

  62. 1950s-60s
    List three songs recorded by Buddy Holly.

  63. 1950s-60s
    Where was President Dwight D. Eisenhower born?

  64. 1950s-60s
    When did Texas women first serve on juries?

  65. 1953
    What was "Operation Wetback"? Do you agree with this method? Explain.

  66. 1954
    What was the reaction of the Governor of Texas to Brown v. Board of Education?

  67. 1954
    What does MALDEF stand for?

  68. 1957
    Why did John Henry Faulk loose his radio job in 1957?

  69. 1957
    What happened in Dallas on April 2, 1957?

  70. 1960s
    What is your favorite Barbara Jordan quote?

  71. 1960s
    What was the Chicano Mural Movement?

  72. 1960s
    List two singers who influenced Janis Joplin?

  73. 1960
    In what magazine did John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me appear?

  74. 1961
    Who was John Tower?

  75. 1961
    Is this a waste of money? Explain.

  76. 1961
    How many Hispanic politicians were elected or named to represent their districts in Texas from 1846 to 1961?

  77. 1963
    What did "los cinco" do?

  78. 1963
    Who do you think killed JFK and why? Also see this one, and this one, and this one.

  79. 1963
    What was Trini Lopez's hit song in 1963?

  80. 1963

  81. 1965
    What Center did Lady Bird Johnson create?

  82. 1966
    Would you like to rub this gravestone?

  83. 1971
    For what crimes was Gus Mutscher convicted?

  84. 1972
    What did the Dallas Cowboys do in 1972?

  85. 1972
    Ms. Jones voted for Ramsey Muniz in 1972. Where is he now?

  86. 1974
    What "first" happened at DFW Airport on January 13, 1974?

  87. 1980s-90s
    Would Ms. Jones look good with this hair?

  88. 1981
    Who was the first Hispanic mayor of a major U.S. city?

  89. 1993
    What do the "Seven Seals" have to do with Texas?

  90. 1995
    What is the Selena Foundation?

  91. 1995
    Do you admire Eligio "Kika" de la Garza II?

  92. 1999
    Who is Henry B. Gonzalez?

  93. TODAY
    Who do you think is winning this war, and is it a war that we should be fighting at all?

  94. TODAY
    Who does Ms. Jones love to brag about as her "homeboy" in Oak Cliff?

  95. EXTRA
    Name a famous Texan in five different categories and explain why each is famous.

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