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Auburn, AFE 704-44

J.J. Meacham, Bridge and Building Supervisor, Seattle, to Carl H. Burgess, Superintendent, Tacoma, August 15, 1944
Re: Coal trestle, renew treated on concrete pedestals and concrete aprons where coal is shoveled
The coal pocket in this trestle is in extremely bad condition and we are now getting Bear Creek coal which has large lumps[.] [T]hese lumps roll down and damage the brick wall and sliding doors at the bottom of the pocket.

Meacham to Burgess, July 26, 1944
Since putting in the jitney gasoline hoist at Auburn roundhouse the plank in the machine shop will not stand up under the load of this machine and is breaking up to the point where it must be replaced with plank or concrete.
The contractor now putting in the concrete floor in the pits at the roundhouse is coming around the end of the machine shop and I would recommend that it be taken up and authority granted to put a concrete floor in the machine shop. If this can be done it should be done as soon as possible.

RFA 108-44
The plank floor in the machine shop at Auburn [r]oundhouse requires immediate replacement. The motorized jib crane recently furnished this roundhouse has broken down the flooring and planking will not stand up satisfactorily under this load. It is, therefore, proposed to replace existing planking in the machine shop area with concrete base on treated wood blocks.

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