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Curriculum Vitae

Phillips, III, J. A.


The Career of Theodore Roosevelt
by C. Gordon Moffat in The Verdict November 6, 1899.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pacific Lutheran University.



Technical writer, Amtec Engineering, Inc., Bellevue, Washington, 1999 to present.

Freelance designer and writer, Seattle, Washington.

Assistant, Andrews and Associates, Inc., Portland, Oregon.

Assistant, Design Studio Two, Portland, Oregon.

Intern, Pierce Transit, Tacoma, Washington.

Intern, Andrews and Associates, Inc., Portland, Oregon.



Lorenz P. Schrenk, J. A. Phillips, III. Genealogy and the Northern Pacific. The Mainstreeter upcoming issue.

James C. Dick, J. A. Phillips, III. War Babies Born of Necessity: Correspondence on Box Car Bay Window Cabooses. The Mainstreeter (Fall, 2001) 18-23, 31.

The Mainstreeter Volume Index, 1997-2001. The Mainstreeter (Fall, 2001) 30-31.

The Mainstreeter Volume Index, 1992-1996. The Mainstreeter (Summer, 2001) 29-30.

The Mainstreeter Volume Index, 1987-1991. The Mainstreeter (Spring, 2001) 26-28.

The Mainstreeter Volume Index, 1981-1986. The Mainstreeter (Winter, 2001) 27-28.

Stampede: Resurrection. CTC Board (August, 2000) 18-31.

Stampede: From Northern Pacific to Burlington Northern. CTC Board (July, 2000) 44-55.

Stampede: An Introduction to its Construction. CTC Board (June, 2000) 44-55.

"Northern Pacific: Main Street of the Northwest," in More Classic American Railroads Osceola [Wis.]: Motorbooks International, 2000, 110-117.

From A to Z with Warren McGee. The Mainstreeter (Winter, 1999) 4-29.

A Caboose of Our Own. White River Valley Journal (October, 1998) 1-8.

Tempest in the Timber. CTC Board (December, 1997) 21-29.

Lost Towns of the Upper Green River Valley. White River Valley Journal (January, 1997) 1-8.

A Strike Now Exists on the Northern Pacific Railway. White River Valley Journal (April, 1996) 1-8.

The Road to Nationalization. White River Valley Journal (January, 1996) 1-8.

Tales of the Rocky Mountain Division. The Mainstreeter (Winter, 1995) 5-15, 18-27.

Roundhouse Days. White River Valley Journal (October, 1995) 1-8.

The Story of a Bawdy House. The Mainstreeter (Summer, 1995) 23-26.


Current Projects

Editor, The Mainstreeter. Keeping things on track takes up a great deal of my time.
Disclaimer: I neither speak for nor set the policies of the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association.

The Trouble with Harry -- Henry Villard and the Transcontinental Railroad Game, 1878-1893.

Bob Munn Rides the Line -- The Northern Pacific and the Eagle Gorge Line Change.

Tacoma Division '66.

I may submit the Villard or the Eagle Gorge article to Pacific Northwest Quarterly. I have slowly been collecting sources for Henry Villard's involvement in American railroading, and I may include a section on the second reorganization of the Northern Pacific if I find enough time and interest. Dave Sprau has lent me a large volume of material on the Eagle Gorge Line Change dating back to the late 1940s, so I will be updating the material I originally started under the title Bob Munn Rides the Line. Other intermittant projects include: Surveying the Auburn Globe-Republican issues held by the White River Valley Museum (I have been working my way through the 1920s and hope to eventually look for information in the 1930s and 1940s issues as well); the Hill Lines merger, 1955 to 1970; Washington State branch lines after 1970; Washouts near Kennedy, Washington, in the late 1960s and 1970s.



Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association, editor, The Mainstreeter, chair, Publication Committee, 2001 to present.

Green River Community College, lecturer, 1997.

White River Valley Museum, exhibit research, 1997-1998.

Terrific, Itís Northern Pacific!, Web site and newsletter, 1996 to present.

Tacoma Division Meetings, tri-annual history presentations in conjunction with the White River Valley Museum, 1995 to present.

Washington State Archives, Puget Sound Regional Branch, volunteer, 1993-1995.

Amnesty International, scholarship, 1989.



Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Veterans' Association, Past-Hanson Chapter, Auburn, Washington.

Friends of the Burlington Northern Railroad (Complimentary).

Great Northern Railway Historical Society (Complimentary).

Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association.

Railway and Locomotive Historical Society.

R. W. Downing Fan Club (He's G.N. but He's O.K.).

Society for Technical Communication.

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