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From the (Informal) AFE Files

Robert C. Bergum joined the ranks of Northern Pacific telegraphers on October 19, 1907. By 1955, he was the Order of Railroad Telegrapher's local chairman and the NP's Agent at Auburn.
Jim Meacham, the Tacoma Division's B&B Supervisor, had been getting in trouble almost since he dropped a brake shoe on his foot during the great shop strike of 1922 (no doubt many thought he deserved it, having crossed Auburn's picket lines to do it).
His most unusual building project for the NP was undoubtedly Clementina Campanelli's wine cellar at the Martin Section Foreman's house. It was not unknown for party line listeners on the Stampede Pass telephone system to hear Mrs. Campanelli submitting her own AFE in the form of ''Meech, you son of a...''
Some guys just never get a break.

Auburn, Wash.
September 7, 1955

Mr. J.J. Meacham
Bridge and Building Supervisor
Seattle, Wash.

Your letter August 23 in reply to mine of August 17, regarding intake pipe to oil storage tank being below surface of ground and my suggestion that a concrete box should be placed around pipe to avoid water getting into tanks.
Yesterday when a section man sprinkled [the depot] lawn, I opened the lid on the intake pipe and a small amount of water was showing as having seeped into the pipe and when we have a heavy rain, just as sure as God makes little apples, water is going to run into the tank under the present condition. Don't say I didn't warn you.

R.C. Bergum, Agent.

SOURCE: Auburn--Replace Heating Plant in Passenger Depot.
AFE 295-55, Completed 1955

Author: John A. Phillips, III. Title: From the (Informal) AFE Files. URL: www.employees.org/~davison/nprha/meech.html.

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