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Delays to Trains '22

The ever-active Jim Fredrickson has sent in the following item regarding delays to trains on the Tacoma Division of old, fast on the heels of our Slow Orders of 1966. Regarding that document our veteran dispatcher states: ''The slow order document was issued weekly to all supervisors who had anything to do with track conditions. They were obliged to peruse it carefully to determine if any of these orders could be annulled or should be revised. Slow orders were considered a blemish on the complexion of the division--the fewer the better.'' Blemishes though they may have been, they make for interesting reading. And how many model railroaders have modeled an angling bulkhead, or slowed their trains on account of soft track?
Some may be wondering why the trains of Stampede Pass are not represented here--that's because the Stampede Pass line (and all the North End branches) were part of the Seattle Division until 1932. To get a better idea of the branches and the steam power listed below, take a look at the following documents:
Branches: http://pw2.netcom.com/~whstlpnk/ttenpwashington.html
Steam: http://www.armadillo.com/monad/roster/steam.html
Thanks to Jim today we get an inside look at delays to trains in 1922. Knowing how long it takes to type up these items (Jim is further handicapped by having to find the document in the first place in his voluminous Fredrickson Archives), you might want to send him a note of thanks and wish him well in his Thanksgiving Recovery.

Number 679
Tacoma--15 minutes connection
Centralia--20 minutes yard blocked, 30 minutes No. 401
Chehalis--35 minutes helper
Lewis River--40 minutes OW[RRN] Extra 2117 ahead
Vancouver--25 minutes OW[RRN] Extra 2117 ahead
Willbridge--10 minutes station work

Local Extra 1564 West
McCarver Street--35 minutes No. 975
Sixth Avenue--10 minutes
Pit--20 minutes
Steilacoom--10 minutes
Nisqually--15 minutes
Saint Clair--20 minutes
Kyro--10 minutes
Chambers Prairie--10 minutes
Tenino--20 minutes
Bucoda--15 minutes station work
Ketron--25 minutes eat, 40 minutes re-brass and re-pack
Centralia--30 minutes yard blocked

Number 680
Portland--45 minutes crews rest
Vancouver--10 minutes station work, 15 minutes GN Extra 1514 East
Willbridge--10 minutes pick up
Centralia--20 minutes GN Extra 1514 East, 20 minutes coal and water, 5 minutes air

Number 974
Vancouver--10 minutes air, 15 minutes make up train
Knapps--10 minutes
Woodland--10 minutes
Hermione--30 minutes
Kalama--1 hour 20 minutes
Kelso--1 hour 5 minutes
Ostrander--5 minutes
Castle Rock--55 minutes
McNelly--10 minutes
Winlock--1 hour
Napavine--10 minutes station work
Kelso--25 minutes eat
Napavine--25 minutes trains

Number 964
Centralia--20 minutes air
Bucoda--30 minutes
Tenino--30 minutes
Mutual Spur--30 minutes
McIntosh--20 minutes
Rainier--30 minutes
Yelm--35 minutes
Roy--35 minutes
South Tacoma--15 minutes station work
Tenino--1 hour No. 591 and No. 592
McIntosh--20 minutes No. 457, 20 minutes eat
Yelm--5 minutes No. 458
Roy--20 minutes No. 459

Local Extra 1672 East
Centralia--35 minutes air
Tenino--30 minutes station work

Chehalis Switch Extra 388
Chehalis--8 hours switching

Work Extra 1586
730 AM to 6 PM, unload gravel between Centralia and Napavine
Napavine--25 minutes No. 408
Chehalis--35 minutes eat
Tenino--10 minutes No. 966
Sixth Avenue--25 minutes work Extra 348
Tied up at Tacoma

Work Extra 348
?AM to 545 PM, Ditcher between Sixth Avenue and Steilacoom
30 minutes coal and water
1 hour 30 minutes trains
35 minutes eat

Number 983
Hoquiam--15 minutes air, 25 minutes make up train
Bay Siding--20 minutes make up train
Gravel Spur--15 minutes
Tulips--10 minutes
Dahls--10 minutes
Copalis--20 minutes
Carlisle--45 minutes
Onslow--15 minutes
Aloha--20 minutes station work
Onslow--15 minutes No. 421
Aloha--30 minutes eat

Number 693
Centralia--15 minutes air, 15 minutes HB
Gate--10 minutes HB

Number 968
Hoquiam--15 minutes make up train
Aberdeen--15 minutes
Aberdeen Junction--15 minutes
Wynooche--10 minutes
Weatherwax--25 minutes
Montesano--1 hour 20 minutes
Brady--10 minutes
Elma--25 minutes
Malone--20 minutes
Gibson Creek--10 minutes
Gate--20 minutes station work
Montesano--20 minutes trains, 40 minutes eat
Porter--35 minutes fill water tank for Extra Gang

Number 984
Moclips--30 minutes
Aloha--30 minutes
Stearnsville--25 minutes
Carlisle 50 minutes station work

Number 694
Hoquiam--40 minutes
Aberdeen--25 minutes make up train

Number 966
Saint Clair--3 hours 50 minutes move logs to Union Mills and return empties

Gibson Creek Local Extra 120
Olympia--5 minutes air, 10 minutes engine, 10 minutes station work
Bordeaux--15 minutes station work
Gate--20 minutes station work, 45 minutes No. 466, 15 minutes miscellaneous
Belmore--35 minutes No. 421
Olympia--20 minutes station work, 20 minutes work on engine, 35 minutes eat
Little Rock--20 minutes station work

Olympia SW Extra 494
Olympia--4 hours 40 minutes station work, 1 hour eat, 3 hours unload logs

Mixed Extra 84
Porter--10 minutes water
Malone--1 hour 10 minutes station work
Elma--2 hours 45 minutes station work, eat and No. 421
Whites--35 minutes station work
McCleary--20 minutes station work

Cosmopolis Switch Extra 88
Switching Cosmopolis, Junction City, Aberdeen Junction and Standard Oil Spurs, empties to Weatherwax and return with logs--unloaded 6 cars logs

Work Extra 453
6 AM to 820 PM, ditcher between Gate and Malone and run to Centralia, load and unload 14 cars dirt Delay:
1 hour 10 minutes at Centralia for engine account no fireman
1 hour trains, 1 hour coal and water ditcher
2 hours to couple with No. 968 Gate to Centralia

Number 985
Tacoma--5 minutes air, 10 minutes engine
Tillicum--10 minutes engine

Number 971
Kanaskat--25 minutes switching
Enumclaw--1 hour 20 minutes
Buckley--35 minutes
South Prairie--40 minutes
Orting--30 minutes station work, 25 minutes eat

Number 972
Tacoma--30 minutes train, 15 minutes engine
Moneko--10 minutes
Orting--40 minutes
Broomfield--10 minutes
South Prairie--40 minutes
Buckley--40 minutes
Enumclaw--30 minutes
Veazie--15 minutes
Ozark--10 minutes
Fleet--10 minutes station work
South Prairie--30 minutes trains, 30 minutes eat, 1 hour double Buckley
Enumclaw--45 minutes eat

Mixed 63
Fairfax-South Prairie--40 minutes switching
Burnett--25 minutes
Wilkeson--1 hour
Fairfax--2 hours
Wilkeson--10 minutes
South Prairie--10 minutes station work
Fairfax--20 minutes eat

Number 532
Kanaskat--1 hour 5 minutes connect with No. 2
Durham--15 minutes
Selleck--15 minutes
Barneston--15 minutes station work

Log Extra 50
Kanaskat--1 hour make up train
Barneston--25 minutes double to Kerriston
Kerriston--1 hour 45 minutes station work, 45 minutes eat
Halmer--50 minutes No. 531 and No. 532
Barneston--20 minutes double to Kangley Junction
Durham--15 minutes, Kanaskat 40 minutes station work

Log Extra 68
Tacoma--30 minutes trains
Orting--25 minutes switching, 2 hours 20 minutes double to Puyallup River Junction
Puyallup River Junction--1 hour 20 minutes for loads
Orting--20 minutes station work

Napavine Switch Extra 86
Centralia--15 minutes air, 15 minutes engine
Napavine--1 hour 45 minutes station work
Chehalis--55 minutes trains

Number 514
Centralia--45 minutes trains, 20 minutes air test
Packwood--15 minutes
Summit--15 minutes
Eastern--25 minutes
Mendota--30 minutes station work

Number 513
Packwood--15 minutes station work

Number 969
Centralia--15 minutes air, 45 minutes engine
Chehalis--15 minutes
Little--45 minutes
Adna--10 minutes
Bunker--5 minutes
Ceres--5 minutes
Dryad--45 minutes
Doty--35 minutes
Pe Ell--1 hour 45 minutes
McCormick--30 minutes
Walville--30 minutes
Custer--10 minutes
Frances--10 minutes
Globe--20 minutes
Lebam--35 minutes
Nalpee--5 minutes
Hole--5 minutes
Menlo--5 minutes
Raymond--15 minutes station work
Dryad--35 minutes No. 591, 40 minutes eat
Pe Ell--45 minutes No. 970, 30 minutes eat
Raymond--25 minutes eat

Number 970
Raymond--20 minutes trains
Raymond--50 minutes
Nalpee--15 minutes
Lebam--20 minutes
Globe--20 minutes
Frances--10 minutes
Pluvius--10 minutes
Walville--25 minutes
Pe Ell--1 hour 20 minutes
Doty--20 minutes
Dryad--30 minutes
Ceres--20 minutes
Bunker--20 minutes
Adna--10 minutes
Littell--5 minutes station work
Frances--40 minutes eat, 1 hour 10 minutes double to Pluvius
Pe Ell--35 minutes eat, 25 minutes trains
Meskill--10 minutes water

South Bend Switch Extra 472
Switch South Bend and Raymond, dumped 9 cars of logs at South Bend, run to Nalpee and Custer for logs

Number 587
Yacolt--15 minutes switching

Number 588
Vancouver--20 minutes baggage and express, 15 minutes pick up
Vancouver Junction--5 minutes
Rock Spur--5 minutes
Battle Ground--15 minutes
Heison--15 minutes
Crusher--15 minutes
Yacolt--35 minutes switching

Log Extra 119
Yacolt 30 minutes air
Vancouver Junction--40 minutes No. 408
Yacolt--30 minutes put train away, 1 hour coal, 1 hour No. 588
Vancouver Junction--15 minutes, No. 457
Felida--45 minutes unload logs
Yacolt--30 minutes put train away
Felida--40 minutes unload logs on first trip

SOURCE: Office of Chief Dispatcher, Tacoma, Wash., September 1, 1922
Collection of James M. Fredrickson

Author: James M. Fredrickson. Title: Delays to Trains '22. URL: www.employees.org/~davison/nprha/slow22.html.

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