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  Northern Pacific 6500C leads the eastbound North Coast Limited past Martin, Washington -- J.M. Fredrickson


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The first e-mail TellTale
January 24, 1997

Ackley, Oakes, and the Death of Frank Sauriol
Chief Dispatcher Austin Webster Ackley
President Thomas Fletcher Oakes
Section Foreman Frank Sauriol

Box Cars for the Space Age
The box car fleet in 1966

Chief Engineers of the Northern Pacific
Biographies, 1864 to 1970

Delays to Trains '22
Delays to trains on the Tacoma Division, 1922

End of the Line: Lester Depot
Reports on the Lester, Washington, depot, 1983

Extra Extras
Clippings from The Tell Tale, 1950 to 1952

The Flat Cars of '49
Flats, refrigerators and stock cars, 1949

Floating on a Sea of Franchises
Boat operations on Lake Coeur d'Alene, 1880s

Form 638D
Diesels on the Tacoma Division, 1969

Grays Harbor
A shortened version of this article
first appeared in the December, 1997,
issue of CTC Board

The Hardest Years
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
and Enginemen at Auburn, Washington
at the onset of the Great Depression

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

Heart River
Surveying in the Dakotas in the 1870s

Idaho Division Depot Doings
Engineering reports on Idaho Division depots

Iron Horse Whisperers
Jack Wolverton and Jimmy Darker

Madison Square Garden: NP Country
Exhibit cars and promotions

J.J. Meacham
as sure as God makes little apples

By Ronald V. Nixon
The Motive Power Series 1 through 5

Part I

Part II

Northern Pacific in Washington
Idaho and Tacoma division sub-divisions,
including abandonment notes

Northern Pacific Mallets from Z to Z-3
The arrival of the fist Mallets
from period issues of Railway Age

Notes from the Construction Department
Miscellany from the far west in 1886 and 1887

Notes from Officers, On and Off the NP
Chairman William P. Clough
President Howard Elliott
President Jule Murat Hannaford
Superintendent John Joseph McCullough
Vice-President Henry C. Nutt
Vice-President George Theron Slade
and Chief Engineer Charles S. Churchill
of the Norfolk and Western

Notes on Thomas Kennedy Gray
On Stampede Pass, 1885

Paradise Lost
Paradise, Montana

Passes, Tunnels and T.F. Oakes
Surveys of Cascade Mountain passes in the 1880s

Pooled to Portland
Great Northern, Northern Pacific and Union Pacific
pooled passenger service to Portland, Oregon

The Shape of Things to Come
Vice-President, Traffic, James G. Woodworth, 1937

Slow Orders '66
Tacoma Division Slow Orders,
September 26, 1966

By Steam Across Stampede
Southern Pacific 4449 steams across
Stampede Pass, 1997

Things that go Bump in the Night
Tacoma Division mishaps,
August, 1961

Things that go Bump in the Roundhouse
Tacoma Division roundhouse mishaps,
August, 1961

Upbraiding Nelson Bennett
Taking contractor Nelson Bennett to task, 1900

The U.S. Railroad Administration Era
Nationalization comes to American
Railroads during the Great War






Virgil Bogue on Stampede Pass
Discovering Stampede Pass, 1881

A Week in the Life of the Tacoma Division
The view from the Dispatcher's Office
Tacoma Union Station, Tacoma, Washington

January 1, 1966

January 2, 1966

January 3, 1966

January 4, 1966

January 5, 1966

January 6, 1966

January 7, 1966

January 8, 1966

January 9, 1966

January 10, 1966

January 11, 1966

January 12, 1966

January 13, 1966

January 14, 1966

January 15, 1966

A Guide to a Week in the Life
Who Was Who on the Tacoma Division
and the Northern Pacific in 1966

Won't Come Back from Dead Man's Curve
Perspectives on the main line at
Cle Elum, Washington, in 1892

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Even More Extras!

Valley City High Bridge
From a speech to the ASCE by Jerry R. Masters, P.E.
July, 2005

The Northern Pacific and Manitoba
From research by Jerry R. Masters, P.E.,
and Roger G. Burrows of North Vancouver, B.C.
December, 2005

Track Connections with the Great Northern
in Washington State, 1935

ICC 1893
Annual Report to the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1893

Auburn, 1929
The Railroad News from the Auburn [Wash.]
Globe-Republican, 1929

Auburn, AFE 704-44
J.J. Meacham rides again!

Air Brake Bible
Business and Passenger Car Air Brake Systems, ca. 1970
Courtesy Arthur H. Fiedler, Jr.

Ralph and the Rockies
Observations of and on the great Ralph Budd

With Northern Pacific Railway

Transportation Act of 1958
Some figures for the Northern Pacific

Missoula - Garrison Double Track
By Jerry R. Masters, P.E.,
December, 2005

Names of Stations
By the Northern Pacific Railway
Courtesy James M. Fredrickson

Stampede Pass, 1885 - 1886
Virgil Bogue to General Adna Anderson
Courtesy James M. Fredrickson

Toppenish, Washington, 1911
The story of a freight house and a depot
Courtesy James M. Fredrickson

Trainmaster Cochran Advises . . .
When things go wrong, January, 1965
Courtesy James M. Fredrickson

The Low Line
An Alternate Freight Main from Logan to Bozeman, Montana
by Jerry R. Masters, P.E., and John A. Phillips, III
an extensively illustrated version of this article appears in the
Spring 2006 issue of the NPRHA's

The Monad, corporate symbol of the Northern Pacific, suggested by Chief Engineer Edwin Harrison McHenry to General Passenger Agent Charles S. Fee in 1896.

Updated March 13, 2006.