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Tell Tale Extra

Things that go Bump in the Night, August 1961

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station

August 1
400 AM
About 145 AM date Third 672 Conductor Putnam [engine] GN 228 Engineer Brotherton while switching at Rocky Point ran though inside switch and spiked same for tail track. Section Foreman Kelso see repair made first thing this AM and advise Dispatcher so that slow order can be removed.
-I[ra] W B[rewer]

August 1
1028 PM
Following from UP: ''Conductor Sutton Engineer Brooks on Local North date Extra 221 West advises found UP 125826 empty off center and up against bumper at West Tacoma Newsprint Co. evidently mishandled by West Tacoma Newsprint Co. employees according to Conductor Sutton. Car Forman Larson Tacoma repair advising done.'' Memo: PT [Point Line Dispatcher] place train order to cover.

August 3
317 PM
Yardmaster Damson advises at 815 AM switch crew Conductor Hafey [engine] 219 Engineer Fox with five cars in train pulling off team track engine 219 ran through main line switch just west of Sealine Junction. Section Foreman is making necessary repairs to switch which is temporarily spiked for normal route.

August 5
1046 PM
Number 642 Extra 5409D East about 930 PM date at Ellensburg reported broken rail in main track about 60 car lengths west of crossing west of station with about an eight inch break. Section Foreman Ellensburg has been instructed to make repairs and Signal Maintainer Ellensburg will bond.

August 5
1242 PM
About 730 AM date Portland-Tacoma Time Freight Conductor Huntsman Extra 334 West Engineer Leavens ran through east main track crossover at Longview Junction. Section Foreman Holt from Kelso completed repair at 1005 AM. Following trains delayed:
Extra 334 West -- 45 minutes
GN 310A East First 672 -- one hour
Extra UP 1459 East 692 -- 25 minutes
Extra 240 West Vancouver-Centralia Local -- 30 minutes

August 6
232 PM
At 920 AM Operator [Allen Gould 'Bud'] Emmons reports broken rail in front of McCarver Street depot on eastward track in insulated joint. About 11 inches of rail broken off. This was discovered by Mr. Emmons' 15 year old son [Gary] and because of the break in an insulated joint did not throw block signal at Stop. Was necessary for Operator Emmons to flag No. 460 over broken rail. At time of discovering No. 460 was just leaving Tacoma. Section Foreman Olson called to replace rail and Signal Maintainer Carnes called to drill and bond rail. Track OK for normal service at 1150 AM. No. 460 only train delayed three or four minutes going over broken rail about five mph.

August 7
256 PM
Conductor Turner on Moclips Local advises Friday August 4th NP 87922 was derailed on wye at Moclips while trying to turn car to unload it at mile post 99.5 for Section Department. Car was left derailed account on short time. Confirming phone Mr. Peterson go to this location and rerail car advising when OK to go forward and if car OK for movement also advise if any track damage.

August 7
1004 PM
About 350 PM today Vancouver-Centralia Local Conductor Hudina Engineer Van Ronk with 20 cars in this train lost three logs from NP 125722 car billed from Vader to Aberdeen 11th car from engine at west end of siding at Winlock blocking both main tracks and on log jilpoking and damaging the following cars behind NP 125722:
NP 125124 logs for Aberdeen bent two sill steps;
NP 54387 logs for Aberdeen bent two sill steps;
NW 49907 lumber billed from Weyerhaeuser Columbia Junction to Harbor Millworks Hoquiam waybill 215 of August 5th;
NP 119055 empty chip car bent two sill steps;
NP 119002 empty chip car bent two sill steps bleeder valve and lever;
NP 9013 plywood billed from Pope and Talbot Inc. Vancouver to Diamond Hill Plywood Co. Knoxville Tenn. waybill 1523 of August 1st;
SLSF 152517 plywood billed from Pope and Talbot Inc. Kalama to Michigan Wholesalers Inc. Toledo Ohio waybill 2690 August 7th.
Section Foreman Vader and carmen Centralia called to assist in removing logs and train crew assisted using engine and cable. Track clear at 545 PM. Mr. Jorgenson arrange repairs at Centralia and Agent Centralia please ascertain if any damage to lading on NW 49907 NP 9013 and SLSF 152517 advising this office with copy to W.J. Gould Seattle. UP Local was delayed one hour this account.

August 8
816 PM
My CD-253 of August 7th Car Foreman Peterson advises NP 87922 rerailed at Moclips with no damage to track or car.

August 10
Tacoma, Washington

Mr. I.W. Brewer:

Your CD-253 relative to derailment of NP 87922, air dump of company rip rap on east leg of wye at Moclips August 4th. Bridges and Buildings had unloaded rip rap at mile post 99.5 from the south side (ocean side) only of this car, and preparatory to turning car in order to unload opposite side, north side of car, engine of Hoquiam-Moclips Local, Conductor Turner, Engineer Huber was shoving three cars toward tail track on east leg of wye Moclips, wheels toward inside of wye leading truck of NP 87922 climbed rail, derailing at point 105 feet from main line. Derailment cause by all weight of load on north side.

L.F. Wiecking

August 14
348 PM
Car Foreman Moore advises LN 21377 empty flat derailed in Bellingham Yard rerailed at 925 AM. No damage or defects. Agent Bellingham advise further details.

August 15
403 PM
Regarding derailment in Bellingham Yard, following from C.W. Query: LN 21377 empty flat derailed in yard at 245 AM August 14 by Extra West 215 Conductor Sorenson while setting out on track 3. Front trucks shoved 20 feet beyond end of track. Rerailed at 925 AM August 14 by Conductor Lewis Bellingham Switch Crew.

August 15
1005 PM
Everett-Auburn Time Freight tonight Conductor Feldman Engineer Welch ran through switch at Kent from Can Lead to Northwest Metals. Switch lined and spiked for Can Lead. This report received from Conductor [Bobby] Bartro on Crew Four. No report received from Conductor Feldman. Section Foreman Kent arrange repairs first thing tomorrow, August 16th advising when OK and Mr. [R.C] Judson [Trainmaster, Auburn] please investigate with Conductor Feldman.

August 18
658 AM
At 115 AM Signal Maintainer Cram reports broken rail on eastward track 300 feet east of mile post 88 between Castle Rock and Ostrander. Section Foreman Kelso called and rail repaired at 420 AM.

August 18
1038 PM
At 5 PM Track Supervisor Slemp reports broken rail in eastward track 1,800 feet into Nelson Bennett Tunnel and good for five mph. Section Foreman Olson at Tacoma was called to change out and Signal Maintainer called. At 845 PM Foreman Olson reports rail changed out and eastward track OK for normal service.

August 20
619 AM
At 315 AM at Kelso Third 672 [engine] GN 263A Conductor Knudson reports while switching at Rocky Point ran through the inside passing track switch on east end of Rocky Point. Switch spiked for lead. [C.R.] Anzalone at Kelso will make repairs to this switch after fire controlled at mile post 92. Dispatcher has placed train order to cover.

August 23
429 PM
Conductor Rucker Extra 219 East advises rear car NP 62082 empty flat is off end of track on old main line at Kelso and must not be moved. Dispatcher will cover with train order and Agent Kelso please advise how car was rerailed and Mr. Rothschiller please rerail this car first time they are at Kelso.

August 24
920 AM
Regarding advise from Extra 219 East that rear car NP 62082 empty flat had been shoved off end of old main line at Kelso. Sent Conductor Rucker a wire asking if he knew how this had occurred and have the following reply:
''NP 62082 flat was shoved off end of old main line at Kelso while switching out MILW 12224 plywood. The MILW was the fifth car in a set out of 28 cars of wheat. There were five cars behind the wheat and five loads ahead. Have to have the pin to cut behind the MILW. There were so much weeds and brush along the rails could not hold the cars behind the MILW, until the rear trucks on the rear car slid off end of track. The rear man before the move was made observed that there were two good brakes on rear end of cars. Then wound up for more good ones just behind the MILW.''

August 26
Arlington, Wash.

Mr. I.W. Brewer:

With reference to your CA-616 about Conductor Monohan advising that his crew cornered NPM 140 at Arlington, August 16, 1961. Conductor Monohan advises the crew had picked up NPM 140 off track 3 and placed it on track 4 at clear of track 3 and reached back in on 3 to get another car and the NPM 140 rolled back on track 4 and cornered the car they were picking off track 3. It is apparent that the crew overlooked the fact that this was a roller bearing car and would move on the slightest grade, however, I have talked to the crew about this and that they take every precaution when handling roller bearing cars.

J.W. Schmidt

August 29
1130 AM
At about 6 AM while pulling loads out east end of Millers track at Easton No. 642 Conductor Waymire engine 5406A Engineer Ryzek derailed west trucks of NP 54680 logs Tacoma and car leaning at an angle towards Milwaukee Interchange but not fouling that track. Account No. 642 on short time they were instructed to leave this car and Mr. Alexander will please arrange to rerail car advising if any damaged and section foreman arrange track repairs. Memo: Understand Mr. Alexander will jack this car over to track and use some blocking and Millers' Cat will give it a pull to rerail it.

August 29
821 PM
About 430 PM tonight Operator Nisqually reported Extra UP 118 East Local Conductor Oster Engineer H.L. Dahlin had broken seal on crossover switch at Nisqually so could line up to go to Ft. Lewis. Steilacoom [Signal] Maintainer notified and seal replaced at 530 PM. Maintainer advises it was not necessary to break this seal as brakeman on this crew evidently did not wait until clock had run down and broke seal to line switch. Memo: UP should be billed expense of calling this maintainer.

August 30
134 PM
Idaho Division had eight units lined up to leave Yakima on No. 600 this AM. When leaving roundhouse Head Brakeman Jack Keene lined engine to rip track with switch lined against movement and Engineman Simmons ran through switch and then attempted to back engine toward roundhouse dropping all four wheels west truck of engine 5407B about 815 AM. Road Foreman Smith took charge and this unit was rerailed at 10 AM. Only damaged reported was centering device between engines 5407B and 5407A broken. Number 600 left Auburn with four units only and was delayed one hour and 20 minutes at Yakima this account.

August 31
442 PM
My CD-1072 NP 54680 logs which was derailed on Millers Spur has been rerailed and is OK for movement. Agent Easton line up with next west pick up.

September 1
537 PM
My CD 903 and various files regarding NP 62082 flat being shoved off end of old main line at Kelso by Local East on August 23rd. This car was rerailed by carmen today and Agent Kelso will please arrange for Local next time switching this track to move this car up to where carmen can get to it to do further work on it account sill steps bend cut lever bad order etc. Be sure Local is instructed to handle very carefully so does not again derail car over end of track. Car was rerailed at 1245 PM date.


Ira W. Brewer, Superintendent, Tacoma Division, Tacoma, Wash., beginning in May, 1961, succeeding Worthington C. Smith. He began his service as a section hand on the Idaho Division in 1918 and became track supervisor in 1933. He served as Trainmaster at three Montana cities before promotion to Assistant Superintendent, Tacoma Division at Seattle in 1950. He was named Superintendent, Lake Superior Division at Duluth, Minn., in 1954 and became Superintendent, Yellowstone Division, Glendive, Mont., in 1957. By law, all official telegrams over the division had to bear his signature, abbreviated by dispatchers as 'IWB.'

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