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Tell Tale Extra

Things that go Bump in the Roundhouse, August 1961

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station

August 22
950 PM
Report of Accident, Form F-27
At: Auburn Yard
Time: 8:30 PM
Date: August 23, 1961
Division: Tacoma
Sub-Division: Second
Division Report No.: CD-456
Nature and Brief Account of Accident: Night Roundhouse Foreman J[ohn] L. Neswick handling [Nos.] 345 286 and 7000C. [Numbers] 286 and 7000C not coupled and when [No.] 345 was stopped [Nos.] 286 and 7000C rolled free and cornered [No.] 7005D damaging one side panel, one step and one hand rail on left back end of [No.] 7000C and three side panels on right side of [No.] 7005D.
I[ra] W. Brewer, Superintendent

August 24
Supplementing Tacoma Division F-27 Report CD-456 August 23. Night Roundhouse Foreman Neswick moving DE 345-286-7000C not properly coupled when stopping from DE 345-286-7000C. Rolled into side of 7005D. Estimated damage labor and material $300.00. [Number] 700C will be repaired today 7005D to be held for material. Being further investigated.
-C.H. Moreau [Master Mechanic]

August 24
Seattle [Wash.]
I[ra] W. Brewer -- After you have completed your investigation, please advise full particulars concerning the damage to [No.] 7005D at Auburn as covered by your report No. CD-456 dated August 23rd.
F[rank] L. Steinbright

August 25
Tacoma [Wash.]
R.C. Judson, Auburn Yard -- Re damaged to engines Auburn Yard August 23, please furnish write-up and sketch.
I[ra] W. Brewer

September 6
Seattle [Wash.]
I[ra] W. Brewer -- Can you now advise full particulars concerning damaged to [No.] 7005D at Auburn as covered by your report No. 456 dated August 23rd?
F[rank] L. Steinbright

September 7
Tacoma [Wash.]
R.C. Judson, Auburn Yard -- Hurry write-up and sketch on side collision Auburn Yard August 23 involving [Nos.] 7000C and 7005D.
I[ra] W. Brewer

September 15
Auburn, Washington

Mr. I[ra] W. Brewer:

This will advise that at approximately 8:30 PM on August 23, while testing electrical equipment on engine 345, Roundhouse Foreman in cab with Electrician R.S. Phillips were handling [Nos.] 345 - 286-7000C and were operating from [No.] 345 heading in an easterly direction on Diesel House [Track] 1. At the above time [Nos.] 286 and 7000C were not coupled to [No.] 345 and when [No.] 345 was stopped the other two units continued to move forward and cornered [No.] 7005D moving on the Fuel Track in a westerly direction and operated by Hostler Dale Colvin a promoted engineer.
Damaged consisted of one side panel, one step and one hand rail on the left back end of [No.] 7000C and three side panels on the right side of [No.] 7005D. No other damage. No track damage. Cost of material: $92.05
Cost of labor: $215.60
Total: $310.62
Roundhouse Foreman running [No.] 345 and not ascertaining that units were coupled resulted in the above units colliding. Roundhouse Foreman was J[ohn] L. Neswick, Night Foreman.

R.C. Judson

September 20
Seattle, Washington

Please hurry reply my letter August 24.

F[rank] L. Steinbright

September 26
Tacoma, Washington

Mr. F[rank] L. Steinbright

Please refer to your letter of August 24 concerning damage to diesel unit 7005D at Auburn August 23.
At approximately 8:30 PM diesel units 7000D, 286 and 345 were standing on Track 1 at the Auburn diesel house, and Roundhouse Foreman J[ohn] L. Neswick, together with Electrician R.S. Phillips were testing electrical equipment. It became necessary to move [No.] 345, and this was accomplished by the Roundhouse foreman, who was under the impression the units were all coupled. After moving a few feet east on Track 1, stop was made, but Nos. 286 and 7000C, which were located east of No. 345, continued moving because [No.] 286 was not coupled to [No.] 345. These units continued moving east until they side collided with 7005D, which was being moved west from the Fuel Track to Track 3.
Damage totaled an estimated $310.00 including $95.00 material and $215.00 labor. There was no track damaged and no personal injuries resulted from the accident.
Correcting action with Roundhouse Foreman Neswick was taken by Road Forman of Engines J.H. Smith and Master Mechanic C.H. Moreau. This consisted of stern rebukes to Mr. Neswick and instructions that under no circumstances is he to again move units without first ascertaining that connections, couplings and any other procedures required in the movement are in accordance with the rules.

I[ra] W. Brewer


Ira W. Brewer, Superintendent, Tacoma Division, Tacoma, Wash., beginning in May, 1961, succeeding Worthington C. Smith. He began his service as a section hand on the Idaho Division in 1918 and became track supervisor in 1933. He served as Trainmaster at three Montana cities before promotion to Assistant Superintendent, Tacoma Division at Seattle in 1950. He was named Superintendent, Lake Superior Division at Duluth, Minn., in 1954 and became Superintendent, Yellowstone Division, Glendive, Mont., in 1957. By law, all official telegrams over the division had to bear his signature, abbreviated by dispatchers as 'IWB.'

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