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The Northern Pacific's Washington, 1949-1997

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The staff of the Washington State Department of Transportation made the following information possible, especially for making files on specific abandonment data available. Thanks for corrections and information from WSDOT, HL, CM, MEM, HS, LPS, CEW.

NOTE: Further corrections to the information provided here have come to light since this listing was first composed. For these notes, check the Questions and News sections of The Tell Tale.

NOTES: This document is not perfect, and there are several areas for conflict/confusion: Tacoma Division's Seventh, Veazey-Palmer Jct. abandoment [I believe this to be in]; Seventh, 1.4 mile Orting abondonment [I may have this in the wrong place, it might belong in the Tenth]; Eleventh, Black River Jct.-Renton abandonment [Post 1980 BN purchases of ex-Milwaukee Road trackage, as well as GN purchase of Pacific Coast Railroad trackage make the parallel lines in this area a bit difficult to sort out]. Idaho Division's Fifth, Seventh and Twelfth [unsure as to status/operator].


NP Tacoma Division Sub-Division number circa 1949, nickname.
Beginning and ending cities, mileage.
Written sources on area.
In or out of service notes, operating road if in service.
WSDOT abandonment date in the form of: decision date, road, description, mileage, docket, filing date (YY-MM-DD), notes.

Yakima-Auburn 139 miles.
The First is generally referred to as the Mountain.
Write-up in Lewty, Renz, Woods.
In service: BNSF.

Tacoma-Seattle 40 miles.
Joint account with Great Northern Railway ex-Puget Sound Shore and Northern Pacific.
Write-up: Renz.
In service: BNSF.

Tacoma-Portland 146.3 miles.
Joint account with Great Northern Railway and Union Pacific Railroad post-W.W.II, the Third and branches from it are generally referred to as the South End, the double-track segment from Tacoma to Tenino was built circa 1912 and is referred to as the "Point Line" and replaced the "Prairie Line." According to WSU Press author John Gaertner, all eastbound traffic collected on the NP south of Centralia, WA, including branches from Centralia, was routed via the Spokane Portland and Seattle Railway along the Columbia River.
In service: BNSF, UP trackage rights.

Fourth "Prairie Line"
Tacoma-Tenino Jct 39.2 miles.
Joint account with Great Northern Railway and Union Pacific Railroad pre-W.W.II. Original route Kalama-Tenino-Tacoma completed circa 1873. Referred to as 'Tenino Cut-Off by GN crews. Joins Third at both points.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service: railbanked as trail from Yelm to Tenino, Roy to Yelm is on System Diagram Map and likely next abandonment.
93-02-24 BN Yelm - Tenino 14.42 AB-6(Sub-344X) 93-1-29

Fifth "Sumas Branch"
Seattle-BC, Canada 128.2 miles.
The Fifth and branches from it are generally referred to as the North End.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service: abandonded Interbay to Woodinville, Bromart to Edgecomb, Arlington Jct. to Sedro Woolley.
80-08-13 BN Clear Lake - Sedro Woolley 2.74 6-66 79-07-20
85-07-29 BN Kenmore - Woodinville 4.88 6-242 84-12-27
94-02-04 BN Interbay - Terry Ave, Seattle 3.57 AB-6(Sub-357X) 93-9-12

Sixth "Roslyn Branch"
Cle Elum-Ronald 5.4 miles.
Joins First at Cle Elum.
Out of service: abandoned.
85-10-07 BN Ronald - Cle Elum 5.98 6-267 85-08-22

Seventh "Buckley Line and Wilkeson Branch"
Tacoma-Kanaskat [listed] 44.3 miles.
Joins Second at Meeker and First at Kanaskat Jct. 34.7 miles; also includes Wilkeson Branch,Cascade Jct. to Carbonado, 8.5 miles, joins Seventh at Cascade Jct.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service: abandoned from McMillan to Veazey and from Cascade Jct. to Carbonado, Meeker to McMillan likely next candidate for abandonment.
82-03-16 BN Cascade Jct - Veazey 9.99 6-107 82-02-05
84-10-23 BN Carbonado - Cascade Jct 8.80 6-209X 84-10-05
84-10-23 BN Veazey - Palmer Jct 7.00 6-196X 84-10-02
84-12-07 BN Cascade Jct - Orting 11.08 6-226 84-10-22
85-05-09 BN Orting 1.40 6-255X 85-04-03

Eighth "Green River Branch"
Kanaskat-Selleck 3.9 miles.
Joins First at Kanaskat, ex-Green River and Northern.
Out of service: abandoned.

Tenth "Orting Branch"
Orting-Lake Kapowsin 10 miles.
Joins Seventh at Orting.
Out of service: abandoned.
81-04-15 BN Lake Kapowsin 3.33 29547
82-06-15 BN Lake Kapowsin - Orting 5.30 29892 82-03-26

Eleventh "Belt Line, Lake Washington Belt Line"
Woodinville-Black River 24.5 miles.
Joins Second at Black River, portion is ex-Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern. BNSF now uses Pacific Coast trackage from Black River to Renton.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service: Black River Jct. to Renton.
71-11-30 BN Black River Jct - Renton 2.78 26819 71-09-20

Twelfth "Snoqualmie Branch"
Woodinville-Milwaukee Road crossing North Bend area 38 miles.
Joins Eleventh at Woodinville, ex-Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern.
In service: PSHX from Snoqualmie to North Bend.
Out of service: abandoned from Issaquah to Snoqualmie, North Bend to Cedar Falls vicinity.
74-05-24 BN Tanner - Issaquah 19.26 6-10 73-01-22

Thirteenth "Hartford Line"
Bromart-Edgecomb 19.9 miles.
Joins Fifth at Bromart, ex-Hartford and Eastern.
Out of service: railbanked as the Centennial Trail from 11th Street in Snohomish to Edgecomb by the Snohomish County Parks Department.
72-03-23 BN Edgecomb - Hartford 10.25 26906 71-11-12
86-03-12 BN Hartford - Snohomish 8.11 6-280X 85-12-30

Fourteenth- "Darrington Branch"
Arlington-Darrington 27.7 miles.
Joins Fifth at Arlington Jct.
Out of service: railbanked as trail by Snohomish County Parks Department.
72-03-23 BN Clear Lake - Arlington Jct 20.22 26906-1 71-11-12
93-04-30 BN Arlington - Darrington 27.04 AB-6(Sub-342X) 92-12-14

Fifteenth "Bellingham Branch"
Wickersham-Bellingham 20.4 miles.
Joins Fifth at Wickersham, ex-Bellingham Bay and Eastern.
Write-up in Mainstreeter.
In service: LWAT (Lake Whatcom Railway) from south Lake Whatcom to Wikersham.
Out of service: abandoned from Bellingham to south end of Lake Whatcom.
71-05-06 BN Larsen - Wickersham 17.00 26468 70-12-29
84-01-19 BN Bellingham - Larson 2.73 30353 83-12-01

Sixteenth "Grays Harbor Line"
St. Clair-Moclips 100.5 miles.
Joins Third at St. Clair, ex-United Railroads of Washington.
Write-up in Lewty, Davison.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service: abandoned (used as bike trail in part) from Phones Road to Olympia, Hoquiam to Moclips, railbanked Belmore to Gate. Likely abandonment from Hoquiam River West due to bridge condition. Aberdeen to Chehalis is likely candidate for shortline.
78-11-29 BN Moclips - Aloha 4.34 6-55 78-10-02
82-12-15 BN Aloha - Hoquiam 20.86 6-128 82-11-05
86-12-05 BN Olympia - Lacey 2.60 FD30932 86-11-06

Seventeenth "American Lake Line"
Lakeview-Nisqually 11.7 miles.
Joins Fourth at Lakeview and Third at Nisqually, serves US Army installation at Fort Lewis.
In service: BNSF.

Eighteenth "Gate Line"
Centralia-Gate 13.8 miles.
Joins Third at Centralia and Sixteenth at Gate.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service: Gate to Belmore.
95-04-19 BN Gate - Belmore 12.45 AB-6(Sub-365X) 95-03-22

Nineteenth "Elma Branch, U.S. Government Railroad"
Elma-Bangor 68.5 miles.
Joins Sixteenth at Elma, serves US Navy installations including Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton and Submarine Base Bangor.
In service: BNSF.

Twentieth "Ocosta Branch"
Aberdeen-Markham 13.1. miles.
Joins Sixteenth at Aberdeen Jct.
Out of service: abandoned.
85-01-11 BN Markham - So. Aberdeen 10.26 6-207 84-07-27

Twenty-First "Willapa Harbor Line, South Bend Branch, Raymond Branch"
Chehalis-South Bend 56.5. miles.
Joins Third at Chehalis Jct., ex-United Railroads of Washington.
Write-up in Lewty.
Out of service: railbanked as trail.
93-03-03 BN Chehalis - South Bend 56.35 AB-6(Sub-345X) 92-12-23

Twenty-Second "Yacolt Branch, Rye Branch"
Rye Jct.-Yacolt 27.2 miles [approximately].
Joins Third at Rye Jct.
Write-up in Mainstreeter.
In service: LINC (Clark County/Lews and Clark Railway).
Out of service: abandoned from Moulton to Yacolt.

Twenty-Third "Moxee Branch"
Yakima-Moxee City 8.6 miles.
Joins First at Yakima.
In service: BNSF (due to Washington State rehabilitation loan).
84-01-09 BN Moxee City 0.57 6-187 83-12-30

Twenty-Fourth "Naches and Tieton Branches"
Yakima-Naches 13.5 miles.
Joins First at Yakima, also includes Tieton Branch, Brace-Tieton 11.6 miles, joins Twenty-Fourth at Brace, ex-North Yakima and Valley.
Write-up in Mainstreeter.
In service: Yakima to Brace, BNSF.
Out of service: abandoned Brace to Tieton.
84-08-10 BN Tieton - Brace 11.70 6-197 84-02-24

The lack of a Ninth Sub-Division from the Tacoma Division in 1949 apparently disturbed some people. Nearly a half dozen quickly responded, and it was shortly proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Ninth was the Crocker Branch. Connecting to the Seventh at Crocker, WA, it was a short branch leading to the mining town of Douty (Later Wingate). Here are some of the questions, some of the answers, and a detailed look at the Seventh Sub-Division.

[The] listing of Sub-Divisions skips over the Ninth Sub, the Crocker Branch. For as long back as I can find, it has always been indentified as "abandoned," as noted in the 1944 employee timetable that I have. Where was this branch, and what communities did it serve?
-Paul Marsh, 12 Mar 1997, The Railroad List, RAILROAD@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

My Open and Prepay Stations Number 55, April 1, 1940 lists a Crocker as the end of the "Buckley Line." Cascade Jct. is also the start of Fairfax Branch and the Willkinson Branch.
Station Number/Name: 8765/Cascade Jct.; 8830/South Prairie; 8835/Broomfield; 8845/Crocker.
-Hudson Leighton, 12 Mar 1997, The Railroad List, RAILROAD@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

[Crocker was a point on the Buckley Line, but never an 'anchor point' on the line. It was the junction, as Larry Schrenk has pointed out, for the 'Douty' or 'Crocker Branch.']

How many 'Cascade Junctions' are there? Where's 'Broomfield?'
-Drew Robinson, 13 Mar 1997, The Railroad List, RAILROAD@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

[Just one on the Buckley Line. Broomfield doesn't show up in 1949 or 1963. As you'll see in the listing below, many of these small mill or mine towns had a very transitory nature.]

The Crocker Branch ran from Crocker to Wingate, Washington, a distance of only 5.2 miles. It was the Thirteenth Sub-Division on the Tacoma Division of the Northern Pacific. Wingate was originally named Douty. The line was built by the NP in 1888 along the Carbon River as part of the NP-controlled Northern Pacific and Cascade Railroad. It was used primarily for hauling coal out of mines in the area. The line was merged into the NP in 1898. The track was removed in January 1938.
-Larry Schrenk, 13 Mar 1997, The Railroad List, RAILROAD@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

Name, elevation, mile post, open station in 1949 ['OS'], notes
Information in {} from Condensed Profile, 1963
Information in [] from Officers, Agents, Stations, Etc., 1949
Information in {[]} available in both of the above
MILW indicates interchange with Milwaukee Road (CMStP&P)

{[Palmer Junction elevation 871, mile post n/a - approximately 0]}
Begin 1959 Construction
Begin 100 pound rail 1959

{[Bayne Junction, n/a, 3.2]}
End 1959 construction
Begin 1885 construction
Begin 85-pound rail from 1920, 1922

{[Bayne, 884, 3.4]}
Spur, 1164-feet

{Cumberland, 868, n/a}

{[Naco, 869, 5.2]}
Siding, 1148-feet

{[Veazey, 773, 7.5]}
Spur, 1876-feet

{[Enumclaw, 769, 10.9, OS]}
Siding, 2637-feet

[Webstone Spur, n/a, 13.6]

{[Buckley, 751, 14.3, OS]}
Sidings, 2011-feet, 2056 feet

{Fitzer Brothers Spur, 742, n/a}
Begin 1.7 percent grade
End 85-pound rail
Begin 72-pound rail, 1911
Spur, 668-feet

{[Cascade Junction, 508, 18.6]}
End 1.7 percent grade
Begin and end 90-pound rail, 1944
Junction, Wilkeson Branch - not shown in 1963

{[South Prairie, 423, 19.6]}
End 1885 construction
Begin 1877 construction
Begin 72-pound rail, 1913, 1918

{[Crocker, 298, 24.2]}
Siding, 2122-feet
Spur, 1110-feet
Junction, 'Douty' or 'Crocker Branch' - not shown in 1963, removed 1-1938 [via LPS]

{[Orting, 196, 26.9, OS]}
Siding 2632, 1900, 1051-feet
Junction, Tenth Sub-Division, Orting Branch

[McMillin Spur, n/a, 30.3]

[Alderton, n/a, 32.4]

{[Brew Mill Spur, 82, 33.7]}
Spur, 572-feet

{[Meeker, 66, 34.7]}
End 1877 construction
End 72-pound rail

Northern Pacific Railway, Condensed Profile and Track Chart, Tacoma Division, Branch Lines, Buckley Line, Green River Branch, Office of the Chief Engineer, St. Paul, Minnesota, July, 1922, Revised January 1, 1963.

- --- Accounting Department, Officers, Agents, Stations, Etc. ... St. Paul [MN] NP Ry. July 1, 1949.


NP Idaho Division Sub-Division number circa 1949, nickname.
Beginning and ending cities, mileage.
Towns travelled through with mile posts and open station notes (for main line - branch lines show only open stations and junction points).
Written sources on area.
In or out of service notes, operating road if in service.
WSDOT abandonment date in the form of: decision date, road, description, mileage, docket, filing date (YY-MM-DD), notes.

Paradise, MT to Yardley, WA, 183.9 miles.
Via: [Begin Idaho Division, End Rocky Mountain Division] Paradise (MP 0, Open Station), Plains (6.1, OS), Weeksville (13.1), Eddy (20.6), Woodlin (28.3), Thompson Falls (31.6, OS), Belknap (38.2), Talc (41.9), Childs (46.2), Trout Creek (54, OS), Tuscor (60.2), Noxon (70.1, OS), Heron (80.3), MT-ID State Line (85.1), Colby (91.1), Clark's Fork (93.9, OS), Hope (103.5, OS), Oden (110.7), Kootenai (116.9), Sand Point (118.9, OS), Algoma (126.3), Cocolalla (132.8), Granite (140.5), Athol (147.4, OS), Ramsey (154.9), Rathdrum (160.4, OS), Hauser (167.3, OS), ID-WA State Line (168.5), Otis Orchards (173.2), Velox (175.9), Trentwood (176.5, OS), Irvin (179.1, OS), Parkwater (182.9), Yardley (183.9).
Write-up: Lewty.
In service: BNSF, Yardley to Sand Point; MRL, Paradise to Sand Point, trackage rights Sand Point to Yardley [Grammatical note: the NP spelled out Sand Point in two words, rather than today's accustomed 'Sandpoint'].

Yardley to Pasco, 149.1 miles.
Via: Yardley (0), Spokane Depot (3.5, OS), Marshall (12.5), Cheney (19.8, OS), Babb (24.7), Tyler (30.5), Fishtrap (34.3), Sprague (44.6, OS), Keystone (54.5), Tokio (60), Ritzville (68.3, OS), Paha (77.7), Lind (85.3, OS), Providence (93.3), Beatrice (96.5), Cunningham (101.3), Hatton (104.5), Emery (109), Connell (113.6, OS), Cactus (118.8), Mesa (123), Eltopia (131.9), Sagemoor (136.9), Glade (141.6), Pasco (149.1, OS).
Write-up: Lewty.
In service: BNSF.

Pasco to Yakima, 90 miles.
Via: Pasco (0, OS), Kennewick (3, OS), Vista, (8.1), Badger (17.2), Kiona (24), Gibbon (34.3), Prosser (40.4, OS), Byron (45.9), Mabton (52, OS), Satus (60.6, OS), Alfalfa (66), Toppenish (70.9, OS), Wapato (78.3, OS), Parker (87.7, OS), Union Gap (85.8), End Idaho Division - Begin Tacoma Division - Division Point (87.3), Yakima (90, OS).
Write-up: Lewty.
In service: BNSF.

Fourth "Sunnyside Line"
Gibbon to Parker, 46.5 miles.
Via: Gibbon (0), Grandview (12.2, OS), Sunnyside (19.8, OS), Granger (28.6, OS), Zillah (34.2, OS), Buena (37.1, OS), Parker (46.5, OS).
In service: BNSF.
Out of service:
84-08-09 BN Granger - Parker 16.61 6-200 84-06-22

Fifth "Fort Sherman Branch"
Hauser, ID to Coeur d'Alene, ID, 13.4 miles.
Via: Hauser (0, OS), Coeur d'Alene (13.4, OS).
Ex-Spokane Falls and Idaho Railroad.
Write-up: Fahey, Lewty.
In service: BNSF.
Out of service:
84-01-20 BN Post Falls, ID - Greenacres 3.85 6-188X 83-12-16

Sixth "Palouse and Lewiston Branch"
Marshall, WA to Lewiston, ID, 136.8 miles.
Via: Marshall, WA (0), Spangle (11.3, OS), Rosalia (26.7, OS), Oakesdale (37.6, OS), Farmington (49.2), Garfiled (49.4, OS), Palouse (59, OS), Pullman (75.6), Pullman Jct. (77.9), WA-ID State Line (84), Moscow (85.9, OS), Troy (99.4, OS), Kendrick (110.9, OS), Juliaetta (114.9, OS), Arrow (123.3, OS), Spalding (126.5, OS), Lewiston Depot (136.6, OS), Lewiston Freight (136.8, OS).
In service: PCC

Seventh "Genesee Branch"
Pullman Jct., WA to Genesee, ID, 27 miles.
Via: Pullman Jct., WA (0), Colton (15, OS), Uniontown (17.8, OS), WA-ID State Line (20.3), Genesee, ID (27, OS).
In service: CP [BNSF/UP]
Out of service:
84-06-11 BN Leon - Pullman Jct 20.40 6-201 84-03-28

Eighth "Washington Central Branch"
Cheney to Connell, 185.7 miles.
Via: Cheney (0, OS), Medical Lake (10.4, OS), Reardan (26.5, OS), Davenport (41.4, OS), Wilbur (74.2, OS), Almira (87.5, OS), Odair (105.7, OS), Coulee City (108.6, OS), Adrian (127, OS), Bassett Jct. (154.3), Connell (185.7, OS).
In service: PCC
Out of service:
78-04-28 BN Adrian - Odair 19.54 6-47 78-03-08
83-01-18 BN Eleanor - Davenport 17.51 6-130 82-11-18
83-03-18 BN Adrian - Wheeler 19.80 6-136 83-02-04

Ninth "Walla Walla Branch"
Pasco to Dayton, 98.7 miles.
Via: Pasco (0, OS), Attalia (12.8, OS), Eureka (33.4, OS), Walla Walla (64.3, OS), Tracy Jct. (68), Waitsburg (89, OS), Dayton (98.7, OS).
Write-up: Lewty.
In service: BNSF
Out of service:
70-11-02 BN Tracy - Walla Walla 4.22 26275 70-07-20
83-08-30 BN Dayton - Walair 31.18 6-158 83-07-01 (c)

Tenth "Eureka Branch"
Eureka to Pleasant View, 19.4 miles.
Via: Eureka (0, OS), Pleasant View (19.4).
In service:
Out of service:
80-12-18 BN Clyde - Eureka 11.23 6-86 80-11-12
81-07-22 BN Pleasant View - Clyde 7.98 6-98 81-06-08 (g)

Eleventh "Pendleton Branch"
Attalia, WA to Pendleton, OR, 42 miles.
Via: Attalia (0), Wallula (2.7, OS), Smeltz (21), Helix (25, OS), Pendleton (43, OS).
In service:
Out of service:

Twelfth "Snake River Branch"
Pasco to Riparia, 66.3 miles.
Via: Pasco (0, OS), Snake River (26, OS), Riparia (66.3, OS).
In service: BNSF.
Out of service:
1969 BN Monumental Dam - Snake R. Jct 14.48

Thirteenth "White Swan Branch"
Toppenish to White Swan, 21.7 miles.
Via: Toppenish (0, OS), Harrah (12, OS), Brownstone (15.1, OS) White Swan (21.7). In service: WSDOT, operator: Toppenish Simcoe and Western
Out of service:


HARTFORD LINE: On the Thirteenth Sub, the NP grade is railbanked as the Centennial Trail from 11th Street in Snohomish to Edgecomb by the Snohomish County Parks Department. There is construction going on right now as I sit here where the grade crosses SR 92 just north of Hartford Junction. This summer the county is supposed to be constructing the trail from 20th Ave. N.E. in Lake Stevens to Edgecomb. BNSF still has one customer left in Snohomish, Central Feed Mills.

SUMAS BRANCH: The grade from downtown Arlington, today's mile post 6.9, end of track to the Snohomish - Skagit County line is rail banked for the continuation of the Centennnial Trail up through Arlington Junction, Bryant and Pilchuck. Rumor is that Skagit County is going to use the grade as trail from the county line around Lake McMurray, Big Lake and on through Clear Lake to Sedro-Woolley and connect to the old grade from Sedro-Woolley to the Baker River in Concrete.

WHITE SWAN BRANCH: As far as I know this was sold to some local group by the Washington Central a few years ago. My source said that these folks were intending to operate freight and steam passenger service, and had obtained the NP S-4 class 4-6-0 that had been disassembled by a Tacoma group who hoped to re-steam it for the 1976 US Bicentennial, but ran out of money and enthusiasm. I have heard nothing more, but an S-4 in steam would get a lot of attention, so I presume this has not happened yet. The rail is probably still in place, and the line theoretically open for business, though I am unaware of anyone actually operating it.

REPORTING MARKS ON FORMER PALOUSE AND LEWISTON AND WASHINGTON CENTRAL BRANCHES: These are operated as the Palouse and Coulee City, a subsidiary of the WATCO organization from Kansas, who also operate the Blue Mountain and Palouse (ex-UP) line in Eastern Washington. The locomotives operating out of Cheney are stenciled PCC, which resonates with street railway enthusiasts - the initials stand for President's Conference Car to the trolley historians. The PCC was a sort of 1930s precursor to the modern light rail vehicle (the $10.00 name for what we used to call a trolley car). I have seen no equipment EXCEPT the locomotives lettered PCC. No caboose, or other rolling stock for the company in the Cheney yard.

COEUR D' ALENE BRANCH: Fort Sherman was the US. Army post in Coeur d' Alene, located near the end of the line. Perhaps the NP picked up the name from the post, which was closed years ago. The line was incorporated by Daniel Chase Corbin and others in Spokane county as the Spokane Falls and Idaho Railroad in 1886. Construction began in the summer, track completed in October, 1886. Line leased to the NP on October 1, 1887. No evidence of having owned its own equipment. Information from John R. Fahey, "Inland Empire: D.C. Corbin and Spokane," Seattle [WA]: University of Washington Press, 1965.
-Charles Mutschler, 12 Mar 1997, The Railroad List, RAILROAD@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

YACOLT BRANCH: I think you will find that Longview, Portland and Northern bought 40.6 miles of the "Yacolt Branch" from Rye Jct. to Yacolt. The trackage from Yacolt to Chelatchie Prairie was built as a private spur by Harbor Plywood and acquired by International Paper in 1958.

SUNNYSIDE BRANCH: Regarding BNSF operating the former NP, BN, WCRC Sunnyside Branch: "At this time they have little choice since they assumed WCRC's total responsibilities. Traffic levels will dictate its future."

WHITE SWAN BRANCH: Regarding the White Swan Branch: "It was purchased by WSDOT and is being operated by the Toppenish Simcoe and Western, railfans out of Toppenish. At last report there was freight service only as far as Harrah. The rest is operated as an excursion. This was preserved as essentially a rail bank project, the use on it helps defray some of the cost of maintenance."
Some information on this is at http://www.halcyon.com/awoolf/yvrs.html.

Northern Pacific Railway Accounting Department,
Officers, Agents, Stations, Etc. ...
St. Paul [MN] NP Ry. July 1, 1949.

Washington State Department of Transportation.

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The Mainstreeter, Quarterly Journal of the NPRHA.

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Davison, Mike

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